Mobile Casino Market Booms On Google Play Store

Tia Winter | 15 July 2021

New Zealand is one of 15 new countries that will contribute to a mobile casino boom, thanks to a Google policy change that offers them access to gambling apps on the Play Store. Players in those countries can download and use apps to play pokies and table games and to bet on sports.

Until the policy changes come into effect at the company next year, gambling apps still are available on the Play Store in Brazil, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom only.

15 New Countries

Kiwi players are among those who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 1 March 2022, which is when Google’s policy change kicks in. The other countries that will receive mobile casino apps in the store for Android devices include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

The company said that each country’s gambling regulator is responsible for setting the relevant limitations on the products that will be available to their citizens. Furthermore, developers cannot release apps on the Play Store without having passed a stringent application process.

Gambling App Application Process

One of the reasons for the stringent application process is that New Zealand, like every other country affected by the policy change, has its own idea about what’s legal when it comes mobile casino. The regulatory framework of every country is different.

The screening process will allow Google to support each country’s gambling legislation and regulation. The company will ascertain whether the operators comply strictly with the relevant authorities, operate in a way that is in the best interests of players, and have a valid license.

Change Encourages Entrepreneurship

The company said that one of the reasons for the policy change was its desire to encourage entrepreneurship. A spokesperson explained that the company hopes more developers will be inspired to start sustainable businesses.

The move offers scope for developers in New Zealand. Local and international gambling brands are constantly readjusting their digital strategies to meet the challenges of life during a pandemic. Local developers should rise to the challenge, as the growth in the mobile gaming market will have ripple effects on social media and other platforms.

A Welcome Move

The addition of New Zealand and other countries to those able to receive mobile casino and other gambling apps in the Play Store is good news for players and the industry. The move will bring Android gambling app developers a step closer to their counterparts who develop apps for iOS devices. Apple has allowed gambling, real-money gaming, and lottery app applications for several years.

Interested in playing pokies while you wait for the policy change to take effect?

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