Handy Travel Gadgets For Kids

Tia Winter | 23 October 2018

So you decided that a long, relaxing road trip was exactly what you needed over the holiday season. Just you, the road, your favourite songs on the radio and a lot of blue sky. But in having these fantasies, you seem to have overlooked one very impactful reality; you’re travelling with children.

Like caged animals, children tend to gradually lose their minds when locked in an enclosed space for a long period of time. A road trip, therefore, is a prime period of time for much child wailing and gnashing of teeth. This situation, naturally, is bad for parent mental stability, resulting in potential abandoning of children on the side of the road. Possibly in a remote location.

But steady your hand, and put off the child abandoning. It turns out that there are many handy gadgets designed with one very specific goal in mind; helping parents on long road trips not abandon their children, in remote locations or otherwise.


If you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you’re probably already aware of the incredible magic made possible by tablets. These thin, compact, surprisingly powerful devices are like child taming magic. Put a few movies on them, stick a pair of headphones on your child, and you’re basically guaranteed silence for at least a few hours. If the child in question gets bored of movies, there are games. The options are wide and varied, and the overall benefits are basically priceless.

Combine a tablet with a portable charger and you’re practically entering into parent cheat territory. The portable distraction can last for multiple hours, keeping you sane, and the child amiable.  Plus, of course, when the kids are tucked away asleep at your destination, you can grab the tablet, kick back, and have some fun at your favourite casino.

Need we say more? Why don’t we just rephrase it; don’t even think about going on a long journey with children without a tablet, whichever brand and model you prefer.

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Noise Cancelling Earphones

Not for you for when the kids start wailing, but for the kids when you want them to get some sleep. These headphones can block out all external sounds and can create a comfy cocoon like feeling. Your little terror will drop off to sleep quickly (or far quicker than they would if there was a lot of noise around them), and everyone will get some peace.

Portable Chargers

We mentioned these earlier, for good reason. A portable charger is key to keeping your devices running when you need them most, and you don’t want to have to deal with a melt down when Peppa Pig suddenly won’t play, as the battery is flat. Keep a portable charger or two handy and you’ll be good for any emergency. And yes, no Peppa Pig is an emergency in some children’s eyes.

Coolers And Thermos Flasks

A major trick to keeping caged animals under control, sometimes overlooked, is keeping them fed and hydrated. Stopping along the way in order to buy snacks is an option, but some parents prefer to avoid the stops and power on to the final destination. If this is the preferred option, consider keeping a supply of portable food and liquids in handy coolers, or thermos flasks.

Fancy varieties of food and liquid storage containers are available these days, some that could be left all day in the desert sun, and still maintain the desired temperature inside. Some even come with little digital readouts, just in case you needed convincing.

Just be sure to keep in mind that once food has been administered that bathroom stops will be mandatory at some point regardless. So be sure to plan in accordingly...

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