How Casinos Online Rose To The Occasion In 2020

Tia Winter | 07 December 2020

There’s no doubting the fact that online casino games and betting on eSports have emerged a collective lifeline for a year troubled by the shuttering of everything from retail businesses, to manufacturing plants, to major sports grounds, clubs, and arenas. It did not take very long for a forced sports vacation to turn into devastation and mayhem for bookmakers. Suddenly, and almost without warning, revenue ground to a complete halt, leaving bookies and their employees uncertain of where even the most basic of necessities would be coming from during the months to follow.

But feelings of hopelessness and worry soon made way for a determination to survive and to keep the ship moving. And out from the ashes of desperation emerged a solution many would have regarded an unlikely hero to begin with. The message was clear. Casinos and eSports could potentially give back to the industry most of what had got lost in the fire.

The Power Of Diversification

With bettors and bookmakers equally hungry for sports and for sports betting opportunities, those who previously focused solely on bookmaking suddenly realised the need to for diversification. This realisation, in turn, created quite the interesting turn of events.

On the one hand, there was the casino industry recording streams of revenue few would have imagined possible, and on the other, an eSports movement instantly graduated from the sidelines to a position at centre-stage.

The after-effects too, have been quite astounding. From all that voters have indicated at the ballot during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, it’s become clear that iGaming is no longer the far from the mind industry that it once was. Even those opposed to an online casino industry in the past have begun opening their minds to the untapped potential and possibilities.

Looking Beyond The Money

But what iGaming and eSports have taught us doesn’t revolve around the financial survival of companies and the livelihoods of their employees alone. With most people stuck at home for months on end, many looked to online entertainment and gaming to relieve the tension and loneliness authored by a new and completely alien reality.

Online casinos and eSports have been cited by many people all over the world as activities that have helped keep them mentally and emotionally sane whilst being separated from everything they previously knew to be normal. And operators have grown increasingly more open to the idea of a diverse offering instead of specialising in a single sub-sector only.

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