Jelly Joins YG Masters Online Casino Network

Tia Winter | 07 October 2020

iGaming development company Jelly may have only been launched earlier this year but have already managed to become known for their popular, mobile focused online casino content. The studio was already doing well, having gained a firm fan base, but has now managed to secure a partnership that will boost their growth to an even greater level. The company announced that they have officially joined the Yggdrasil owned YG Masters network.

As part of the deal, Jelly will gain access to the renowned GATI technology, which is made available to all those who partner up, and join an already expansive group of studios. Essentially, GATI is the ultimate toolset for iGaming developers, offering not only powerful creation software, but also convenient access to a range of distribution technology.

Needless to say, this is a major step for the studio, and a sure sign that they are serious about tackling the highly competitive online casino world.

Independent Power

According to Yggdrasil, the YG Masters program was launched in an effort to give real power to independent iGaming studios. As part of the network, a spokesperson explained, developers are able to quickly design, develop and launch their own online casino content, utilising an expansive network of clients that stretches across the globe.

The spokesperson elaborated that the GATI software is the most powerful part of YG Masters, mostly because it is standardised, making it exceptionally easy to work with. The spokesperson also pointed out that the technology is now regulation ready, and has likewise been preconfigured, eliminating as many hurdles as possible, and allowing developers to focus on what really matters; making great content.

Testament To Talent

Speaking for Jelly was marketing lead Victoria Newbolt. She explained that Yggdrasil is extremely selective about which studios it will allow to join YG Masters, which stands as testimony to just how exceptional the talent at the developer is, regardless of the company still being young.

Though, she continued by stressing that the primary reason Yggdrasil had decided to partner up with Jelly was due to a shared vision between the companies. A vision for, she elaborated, creating higher quality, more diverse online casino games in the mobile market than had ever been seen before.

What Jelly achieves as part of the YG Masters program remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that it is a good sign for a company that has only been around for a matter of months.

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