Massive Win for Bitcoin Player

Tia Winter | 19 December 2016

A player at the first online casino to deal only in Bitcoin has just netted himself a major win! The gambler, who has so far remained anonymous, won 13 Bitcoins, which is close to USD 100,000.00 according to current exchange rates.

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A Jetsetter Win

The lucky windfall was awarded on the Jetsetter video pokies game, which is developed and produced by a Prague-based company called Endorphina. The win happened during the Free Spins Bonus Round, which was triggered when the player landed 3 Scatter symbols on the Jetsetter reels at the same time.

During the Free Spins Round images of banknotes torn in half appear on the reels. When the two corresponding halves of the same note land next to each other and line up, they connect. The player’s total stake is then multiplied by whatever the value of the completed banknote is.

In the case of the anonymous winner’s lucky spin, he managed to complete a 500 banknote during this creatively designed Bonus Round. This was followed by smaller successes in the same round, including with a 100 banknote, with the values of all of the completed bills being multiplied together to create the ultimate win.

A Very Modern Win

While it is still not known what the anonymous player plans to do with his windfall, and it might never be known, it is easy to imagine a splurge on new technological gadgets or an investment in a start-up company in Silicon Valley. The savvy pokies winner was, after all, playing in Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a virtual currency that is created through complex technological computations in a process known as mining. They cut out the need for banks, and are considered a major new development in the modern financial world as almost every industry becomes more technological. Since the Jetsetter winner was playing at the world’s first licensed Bitcoin-only online casino, it seems safe to assume that he or she is familiar with not only this currency but other cutting-edge technical advances too.

The casino where the win occurred requires players to deposit, withdraw and play in Bitcoins only, and then leaves it up to them to decide how to manage the Bitcoins they win. In keeping up with the times, it’s likely that these sophisticated players deposit their wins into other Bitcoin-only accounts or expand their technological interests in other ways.

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