Malta Gaming Authority Backs Diversity Project

Tia Winter | 08 February 2019

Following the example set by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority is the second iGaming industry regulator to join the All-In Diversity Project. Considered an industry leading authority, the two organizations will work together toward the All-In Diversity Projects goals.

The All-In Diversity Project was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating awareness about, and promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in gaming industry companies. The project is led and funded by industry stakeholders.

It collects data that is used to benchmark progress toward inclusivity, and provides the industry with the All-Index. The All-Index reports of surveys and indicates to the industry and companies where they are in their D&I efforts.

New Goals for The MGA

As far as gaming hubs go, Malta already has a very diverse workforce. However, diversity and inclusion have not been a focus for the Malta industry, and has occurred more as a by-product of the sector's growth.

As the latest member of the project, the MGA and All-In team will be working toward this goal with purpose a passion. The two organizations plan to follow a more formal route to achieve measurable results. The alliance will also give the project better industry exposure to assist Maltese companies with talent retention, closing skills gaps and recruiting.

All-In Diversity Project Co-Founder, Kelly Kehn, said in a statement on the website that the MGA’s support is another leap for the industry. Working with leading regulators accelerates progress and allows them to share info and extend better tools to companies.

The MGA’s CEO, Heathcliff Farrugia, shared the regulator’s delight at supporting the project, as the issues are priorities for the regulatory body.

About The MGA

One of the gambling industry’s most well known authorities, the Malta Gaming Authority oversees all gambling activities in the region. This includes lotteries, gaming halls, casinos, and online gambling.  It aims to ensure the industry is fair and safe for its players, free of crime, that it has services for at-risk gamblers and to protect minors and other at-risk persons.

One of the first regions to embrace gambling, the MGA protects this very important economic sector for Malta. The regulator has ensured it is always at the forefront of this ever changing fast paced industryand constantly updates, regulations, and frameworks to accommodate industry developments and the resulting challenges.


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