Neon Valley Studios Joins Microgaming

Tia Winter | 13 September 2019

It’s no secret that digital casino game mega-corporation Microgaming has been on a mission for expansion. The company has signed up multiple smaller studios to its umbrella in recent months, with the number of partnered companies growing on an almost weekly basis. The latest independent developer to sign on is Neon Valley Studios, who recently announced that they have accepted a Microgaming contract.

Neon Valley Studios is known for their unique take on pokies that angle towards story-driven experiences inspired by Las Vegas Culture. The studio also generally targets players beyond the United States, which is likely why Microgaming targeted them for a contract. The mega-corporation has expressed interest in diversifying its offering of games for a more global audience, and Neon Valley Studios seems to be able to deliver that wish for diversification.

A New Flavour Of Pokies

On the official Microgaming site, a statement was made that put the new partnership into clearer perspective. The statement declared that the new addition to its ever-growing network would add a unique flavour, bringing distinctive game experiences to the online casino market.

But it isn’t just being diverse that earned Neon Valley Studios their place in the network. The company is a collection of highly experienced designers and creators, integrated into a development unit that shines with creativity and passion. The team explains that they pride themselves on having a finger on the pulse of rapidly advancing technology, and swiftly changing global trends. A strong addition indeed.

Gameburger Studios Enters the Ring

It was just last month that Gameburger Studios likewise signed a similar contract. Gameburger Studios are also known for creating content that celebrates United States culture, and is suitable for players beyond United States borders. Proof again that diversification is a top priority for the expanding network. Though these independent developers are also known for bringing classic land-based games to the digital world, which likely had something to do with their inclusion.

As it stands Neon Valley Studios have already released their first official online pokies title under the new arrangement. The game is called Aurora Wilds, and has seen a positive reception. The 5-reel, 10-payline game focuses squarely on embracing a theme of natural beauty, specifically the Northern Lights. If it is a taste of what the combined forces of these two developers are capable of, pokies enthusiasts have reason to rejoice, with many more new titles likely on the horizon.

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