Why Mobile-Tech Is Online Gambling’s Greatest Boost

Tia Winter | 15 February 2019

Mobile technology has changed the way we do just about everything; from navigation to tracking our fitness levels. It should then come as no surprise that today; mobile gaming is the main driving force in the online gaming sector. Many operators have taken to focusing on mobile-first applications in order to tap into this very lucrative player-dynamic.

The fact that in 2012, only 6% of all bets were placed on mobile devices, but by the time 2018 rolled around, that figure had increase to an incredible 70%, is quite telling about just where the industry is headed for the foreseeable future.

Curbing The Crunch

Thanks to Google having had a change of heart regarding its real-money App regulations, players in Ireland, the UK, and France have been permitted to download real-money gambling and betting Apps since 2017. This really has boosted the mobile gambling industry, and indirectly the online gambling industry. The tech-giant is expected to roll out similar leniencies in other parts of the world as time wears on, in which case the expectation is that revenue-income will literally sky-rocket.

What’s more, mobile operators appear to have gotten a better handle on crippling issues such as cheating and the general abuse of the games on offer. The growth of these problems have slowed considerably; from an estimated 55% in 2017 to only 12% in 2018.

Mobile Identification Technology

Accurate customer verification is a very important consideration for all operators. Everything from a person’s age to whether they are registered on a country’s self-exclusion list must be verifiable, and this in itself, is one of the biggest challenges faced by online casinos today. As regulators continue to come down hard on operators who remain in default, the race to find better measures of control is on.

Many believe that the solution to these problems and more has been right under the noses of operators all along: fingerprint identification technology. The kind of tech that comes standard on most smartphones. The kind of tech that authorises online purchases; even acceptable as a verification method for online banking, is the same kind of technology that has the potential to eradicate many player-identification hassles. Mobile technology.

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