Mobile VR Headsets To Suit Every Player’s Pocket

Tia Winter | 03 May 2017

Virtual reality gaming is growing more popular, and choosing a VR headset is vital for opening up a whole new world of mobile gaming enjoyment.

It’s not only gaming that’s entering the VR world, social media platforms such as Facebook are also capitalising on VR technology, and creating apps that allow the user to interact with others in a new reality. Currently in its beta phase, Facebook Spaces is just one of the many ways we’ll see VR come in to play in the future, and these affordable headsets will help you join in on the fun!

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Google Cardboard (RSP NZ$10)

Google Cardboard is by far the most affordable option for beginners. Although it may not have the finesse of leather-padded headsets, this Google product is universally compatible, DIY, and has its own cleverly designed button too. There are also other similar products on the market, like DODOcase, giving mobile VR players plenty of choice.

Fiit VR Headset (RSP NZ$35)

The Fiit headset is a VR headset with a 4-6.5 inch screen compatibility. The device offers a 102-degree field of view. Despite its lack of button control, the Fiit VR Headset is still a popular choice thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of mobile gaming apps and devices. Its also one of the more affordable headsets that would be ideal for all sorts of VR activities, from playing online casino games to exploring the surface of other planets! Over and above that, it’s great value for money too!

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Homido VR Headset (RSP NZ$50)

Homido’s original VR Headset is a favourite with many mobile players, an even appeals to those with larger smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus. With a screen compatibility of 4-5.7 inches, the Homido offers a comfortable faceplate and an overall affordable VR experience. The field of vision is around 100 degrees, and its head strap makes for convenient hands free play. A special design also prevents light from flooding into the viewer for even more immersive gaming sessions.

Freefly VR Headset (RSP NZ$75)

The Freefly headset comes with posh faux leather padding and a futuristic phone clamping mechanism, as well as screen compatibility of 4.7-6.1 inches. It also comes with a GLIDE Bluetooth controller bundle, and a miniature joystick that works on almost all devices – as long as they’re not running Apple’s iOS 9.2 update. The Freefly is lightweight and comfortable to wear in extended gaming sessions, and also offers stereoscopic vision for true VR gaming connoisseurs.

Samsung Gear VR (RSP NZ$140)

Samsung was one of the first pioneers of VR, and this device is recommended specifically for Android-powered smartphone players. Co-developed with Oculus, the Samsung Gear headset is perfectly smartphone compatible with all Samsung’s mobile device, and offers high-resolution displays and sleek visuals as well. Even the latest model, which was designed for the Galaxy Note 7, now comes with an adapter to boost compatibility on all Samsung phone models.

Google Daydream View (RSP NZ$170)

This is another Google product that is compatible with a multitude of Android devices. A step up from Google Cardboard, Google Daydream View is the future of Android virtual reality, and will work on all Daydream-ready devices, including some of Google’s own handsets. The headset also comes with its own remote, and other major brands like Moto Z are also slowly building their support for this popular platform.

The Daydream View is prized for its comfort, and its wide range of available content too. It’s the most expensive device on this list, but many satisfied players think it’s worth the extra!

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