Unwrapping The Best Movie Easter Eggs

Tia Winter | 27 August 2018

The concept of an Easter egg in a film relates to a hidden reference, message or image. Since the focus of the film is not on the Easter eggs, they are often completely missed by audiences. But for those who are quick enough to pick up on them, or have enough time to go back and comb through the movie later, many fun little secrets can be uncovered.

Of course, the movie isn’t necessarily improved by the secrets, but it sure can be a laugh to think about how much time and effort must have gone into coordinating them. Why do moviemakers put them in? Probably for the publicity, and nerd points earned. Otherwise, it seems to just be for pure fun and a bit of a laugh.

Curious if you’ve missed any of these hidden gems? Take a look at some of the Easter eggs that have made their way on to the silver screen.

Thor: Ragnarök

Local New Zealand director Taika Waititi did New Zealand proud yet again by making Thor: Ragnarök one of the best Marvel films ever. He also happened to have hidden dozens of secrets and references throughout the film. So many, in fact, that it would be difficult to list them all here, but as a bit of a spoiler we’ll advise you to keep your eyes peeled for Thor’s Mjolnir in disguise, Matt Damon, the Maori flag space ship (dare we say flagship!?) and Willy Wonka!

One of the most interesting however, was the decision for Taika Waititi to make a cameo appearance in the film himself. You won’t see much of him though, as it was simply his movements that were captured and used to create the CGI monster Surtur. It isn’t even his voice, which was provided by veteran Clancy Brown. It is still fun to know that the Kiwi was willing to put his movements and facial expression to one of the most iconic Thor villains.

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Casino Royale

You’ve probably been enjoying some of the online gambling NZ has to offer and done a James Bond accent to feel that little more suave or sophisticated. We all have, don’t worry. Over in the real world of James Bond, Richard Branson made a pretty random cameo appearance in Casino Royale. He walks through a metal detector. It’s funny, and fun for those who spot him, but certainly leaves you wondering why he did it. He doesn’t liken himself to James Bond, does he?

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, tells the story of real life fraudster and conman Frank Abagnale. As a whole the movie was very well received, partly because of Steven Spielberg’s focus on the redemption of the central character. After all, celebrating a conman without showing the consequences of his actions wouldn’t have been wise.

Perhaps in a direct reference to this redemption, the real Frank Abagnale has a cameo in the film. He plays one of the French police officers that arrest Leonardo DiCaprio towards the end of the film. Very meta.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban

Last on the list; Harry Potter is just about everyone’s favourite nerdy wizard with a pair of glasses. But did you know that, gasp horror, there is a sex Easter egg in the ending title sequence of Prisoner of Azkaban? The title sequence is done in the style of the Marauder’s Map, which magically shows all the occupants of Hogwarts. If you didn’t already know this, shame on you, go read the books already!

During the Marauder’s Map title sequence, two sets of shoe prints can briefly be seen in the bottom left of the map. Given that they are facing one another, with one set of shoe prints spread about the other, a little hanky panky is hinted at. A naughty little joke, as far as Harry Potter is concerned.

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