Habanero Announces Nektan Deal

Tia Winter | 12 December 2018

The UK gambling market remains one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding in the world. The latest operator to have been offered a foot in the door is Habanero, and it’s all thanks to a content supply deal with Nektan. Nektan is a top gaming platform supplier and with more than 145 casinos already on board, it’s the perfect outlet for Habanero’s top quality content.

Habanero will be providing 150 different pokies to the Evolve platform. Participating casino partners will then be free to offer the games to their players. The supply platform model of distribution has become a very popular business model and one that has paid off massive dividends to especially software developers.

It’s a great way of getting content out and into the public eye.

Nektan Deal A Highlight For 2018

Habanero has been focused on big-league expansion and the company has managed to seal a number of prominent deals throughout the course of the past year, with platforms and individual operators alike.

However, it will be the one with Nektan that will no doubt stand out as one of the ultimate highlights for 2018. Nektan has an established customer and player base and we can hardly think of a more effective channel of distributing content to a large and ever-growing player customer audience.

2019 Will Change The Game

It would appear as if Habanero has been working towards a very specific goal. According to the company’s European Head of Business Development, Arcangelo Lonoce, it’s a delight to have been granted the opportunity of teaming up with a platform owner that is held so high in esteem by its partners and players alike. Nektan is held in high repute for being one of the top performing companies in the iGaming industry. Lonoco made mention of this, which clearly indicates that the company on the other end of the business deal has been doing its homework.

Lonoco added that the software developer has been working relentlessly towards availing its games to broader market. 2019 will be a crucial year for the operations side of the company, as all of the prior efforts at expansion is expected to start yielding returns within the next 12 months.

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