Neosurf NZ Becoming An Online Casino Favourite

Tia Winter | 25 February 2022

Neosurf was created in 2004, launching initially in France. The system came about due to a vision of entrepreneur Nicolas Saubie. Saubie imagined a world where it was possible to make online payments, even if a user doesn’t have a bank account or isn’t willing to risk using a credit card. From this humble origin the Neosurf online payment system was born, eventually being adopted in New Zealand. Now Neosurf NZ is available for players that prefer to take a faster, more convenient, and anonymous approach to playing for real money at online casinos.

Today over 100,000 outlets offer Neosurf vouchers, and thousands of online merchants accept them. The network is still growing, so it won’t be long before the payment option becomes a standard online feature.

How Does Neosurf NZ Work?

Neosurf NZ works with a unique voucher code system. Digital or physical vouchers are purchased for cash, which may then be redeemed at an online outlet that offers the payment option. When checkout is initiated at the site, Neosurf must then be chosen as the payment option. The code will be requested, and must be entered exactly as it appears on the voucher.

The purchase, or online casino deposit, will then instantly be redeemed. The process takes no more than a few moments of time, and guarantees that no personal details are shared when making the transaction.

Where Are Vouchers Sold?

Over 100,000 physical outlets around the world sell vouchers. A handy function at the official site will help locate the nearest to a given location. Though, Neosurf NZ vouchers are also easily available online. Either way, physical or digital, the voucher code always functions in the same way.

What Are Vouchers For?

Simply put; the code is used to make a quick, instant online purchase. Deposits can also easily be made at online casinos. Wherever the payment option is available, a code can be entered instead of having to use a bank account.

Benefits of Using Neosurf

The biggest benefit of using Neosurf NZ is that online purchases, or online casino deposits, can be made with an added layer of security. Cybercrime is still very much an issue, though this problem is all but eliminated by using this alternative online purchasing power.

Since no bank account or credit card is being used to initiate the transaction, there is no risk of personal details being stolen. It’s as easy as that. And it’s easy to see why this payment mechanism is fast becoming a Kiwi player favourite. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details