GettaGaming Enters The Casino Software Sector

Tia Winter | 05 November 2020

Not only do iGaming enthusiasts get to look forward to fresh new take on online casino entertainment following the launch of an exciting new games studio, but also the added bonus of GettaGaming’s first-ever online pokies going live in celebration of the big launch.

The exciting new studio will focus on the development of conversational content – games based on contemporary global issues such as environmental and climate change, social connections, and so on. The idea is to create content that will resonate with the times – mind-blowing casino content that inspires solution-minded thinking and social interaction.

GettaGaming’s content will be made exclusively available via the GrooveGaming studio-brand.

Experienced And Quality-Driven

The GettaGaming team of founders have a collectively prominent and highly-successful track record in online pokies development – with their focus up until now having been largely on Asia and Europe.  The brand’s approach right from the very beginning has been one revolving around the development of games that are both innovative as well as of an exceptionally high quality – the types of casino games typically by the industry as premium.

The focus at GettaGaming is exclusively on the quality of the player experience. For this reason, the focus is, and will continue to be in future, on games presented from a storytelling perspective, online pokies featuring engaging and stimulating storylines, and perhaps most important of all, games capable of inspiring people to become better versions of themselves by starting to care about those issues currently affecting all of humanity.

Get It Done – Sneak Preview

Online pokies first off the studio’s production line include Kings, Get It Done, Lucky Potions, Reel Monsters, and Sevens Go Wild. These will soon be joined by a huge and impressive range of games currently still in development.

The GettaGaming team say they hope to ultimately raise the bar across the entire spectrum, and with a particular focus on existing game model concepts.

An example of what this approach would practically look like is GettaGaming’s “Get It Done”. The mission set before the player is that of helping the urban hero featured in the game to clear the city of waste, and by so doing, helping to protect the natural environment by recycling – not merely discarding – waste material and other by-products of consumerism.

Get It Done is a perfect balancing act of storyline meets true graphic artistry in the casino industry.

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