Playtech Launches New Age of Gods Bingo Pokie

Tia Winter | 12 November 2018

It’s thanks to companies like Playtech that Bingo is no longer regarded as game played exclusively by the aged and the ailing in stuffy old halls. The company has expanded on its existing Age of the Gods offering by adding a new 90-ball variant onto the package. A third pokie has also been developed for the brand.

The end-result is that Playtech’s Bingo room now sports better-than-ever animations as well as offering players the opportunity to win extra cash. But more about this later.

Expanding On A Winning Idea

The company’s highly popular Age of the Gods series was expanded earlier this year when the decision was made to add Bingo into the equation. Two new titles were initially released, with the third now having been added on. The addition of the third pokie is quite evidently the result of Playtech’s wanting to recreate the look and feel of the suite.

The Age of the Gods series is one of the most popular series developed by the brand to date. When a Bingo product was introduced, the theme gained even more momentum, attracting a completely new player dynamic in addition to the existing fan-base.

Age Of Gods Drives Growth

As far as what the extra ways in which to win and special animations are concerned, the developer has really pulled out all of the stops this time round. Connecting players not only to the games, but also to each other has proved very successful in the past, especially with a traditionally social for of entertainment.

In the Bingo room, whenever the game ends, a 3x3 grid of golden coins appear on the screen. This grid is visible to all of the players participating in the game. The Full House winner must then turn all of the golden coins over, one after the other. Each coin conceals the identity of a god. Once three coins have been flipped, of which the god on the other end is a match, a special bonus prize is awarded either to the player or to the community, depending on the identity of the god behind the three matching coins.

Playtech’s Managing Director of Digital Bingo, Angus Nisbet, describes the addition of a new offering to the Age of Gods range as having been the natural next step. Nisbet said that the series has driven incredible growth for the company and has allowed them to access an entire new audience, something that can only benefit them tremendously.


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