New Childhood Sweets Pokie from Spinomenal

Tia Winter | 09 September 2020

It is rare that pokies are so upfront about their intention, but Childhood Sweets wears its nostalgic theme on its sleeve. As the name suggests, the game is 100% dedicated to the candy of the past, with numerous recognisable brands, symbols designed around sugary delights, and even an appropriately retro design angle.

For those who remember these iconic candies, Childhood Sweets is nothing short of a nosedive into times almost forgotten. Though, of course, it isn’t all just about nostalgia. The title also provides a few excellent gameplay features and bonuses, making the experience as exciting as it is pleasantly relaxing.

Coming from iGaming studio Spinomenal, this is one pokie that is aimed at a very specific demographic. But does it have what it takes to make a splash in a highly competitive industry?

An Adaptive Experience

At its core, Childhood sweets operates on a 5 reel, 4 row grid. The paylines, however, are adjustable, which is an option that is a bit less common that it once was. Players can select between 10 and 100 lines, which obviously has a direct impact on how frequently payouts are awarded. But with each line added the betting amount also increases, of course, making it an interesting case of risk versus reward.

Along with the adjustable paylines we have a few other interesting features. This includes Stacked Wilds, as well as a fairly standard Free Spins feature.

But the real stars of the show are the candies, which also happen to be the pokie’s symbols. Lobster Caramel, Roaster, and Zyphir all make an appearance, and are accurately recreated in impressive detail. Saying that it seems as if a player could reach into the screen and grab a lollipop is an understatement.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A spokesperson at Spinomenal explained in detail how the idea for the pokie had come about. The spokesperson elaborated that at a meeting, one of the product team members had produced a Roaster lollipop. The unexpected sight of the candy took the entire meeting off-guard, the spokesperson continued, sparking lengthily discussion around treats that had been enjoyed during childhood.

It was eventually decided that the theme of a new pokie would be forgotten candy brands, the spokesperson concluded, and thus the Childhood Sweets game was born.

Childhood Sweets is now available on mobile and desktop, and although not being innovative in terms of gameplay, offers a truly unforgettable experience for those who remember the brands.

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