New Study Reveals More On Female Players

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

According to a recent study, gambling advertising in Australia is experiencing a surge of new adverts and commercials featuring women and promoting betting odds on a variety of popular TV shows around the country. The survey’s results revealed that this approach could actually alter women’s opinions of betting, and may even attract more women to the industry in the process.

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Professor Samantha Thomas, one of the researchers from Deakin University, has noted that gambling operators normally run adverts in which women are not usually centre stage, instead being featured as secondary characters. Thomas highlighted that commercials tend to be focussed on men’s betting experiences, but new study results have shown that women are now becoming main characters in many Australian gambling ads.

Young Women Positive About Punting

Researchers from Deakin University provided an example in the number of recent ad campaigns, including CrownBet’s latest advert featuring the beloved Australian actress and model, Nicky Whelan. The researchers also pointed to recent Spring Racing Carnival promotions, which were designed specifically to appeal to women with specially tailored marketing tactics.

Prof. Thomas stated that female punters tend to wager on a wider variety of gambling products than their male counterparts, and shared that younger women often have a more positive opinion of gambling. As revealed by the professor, the initial studies showed that younger women find gambling more socially acceptable as a whole than their older peers.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, industry insiders have also revealed that the number of women betting and gambling has increased rapidly over the past few years, although women still spend less than male punters on average.

Thomas et. co. Launch New Study

Now, Prof. Thomas is preparing a new study alongside her analysts and researchers to pinpoint future gambling advertisement trends across Australia. The research project is focussed on assisting gambling to become more socially acceptable among women, and will also delve into why young female players’ attitudes towards some forms of gambling are now changing.

The new study’s launch has come at a time when local operators have been coming to terms with heavy new marketing and advertising restrictions. Prof. Thomas has noted that female celebrities had started tagging gambling firms in their Instagram posts, while bookmakers had also begun creating event-related gambling offerings that were particularly attractive to young punters.

Over the past couple of years, a huge amount of research has been conducted on young men’s attitudes towards gambling, but studies on women have been sorely lacking until now. This is why Thomas and her associates have launched new studies into the matter in a bid to properly understand women’s opinions and behaviour, which could help to create more effective problem gambling solutions among this demographic in the future.

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