Mobile Casino Gaming Vs PC Gaming

Tia Winter | 10 February 2021

Once regarded as a minor aspect of online gambling sites, mobile casino gaming continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and soon will overtake the popularity of playing games on PC. The rise of mobile casino NZ gaming in no way signals the ‘death’ of playing on PC, but the signs are clear – change is coming.

Gamers Prefer Mobile

Research by UK-based strategy agency Tappable, mentioned by Forbes, shows that mobile devices already are the preferred platform of the majority of video gamers. 42% of survey respondents said they preferred smartphones to other platforms. 32% of respondents said they preferred consoles, and 26% said they preferred PC.

The figures might not be quite the same when comparing mobile players with those who prefer playing on computer, but it’s not likely to remain that way for long. Mobile social casino gambling generated US$3.46 billion in 2017, and that amount is expected to climb to $5.89 billion in 2022.

Benefits Of Playing On Mobile

There are several benefits of playing at a mobile casino NZ, some of which are also common to playing on computer. Accessibility, convenience, and variety are three of the biggest benefits.

Mobile devices are exactly that – devices that are mobile. They lend themselves to an ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach. The last five years have seen many software providers and gaming brands emphasise mobile casino. Most new sites have a mobile-first design, and many older sites are being optimised for smartphones and tablets. The result is that thousands of online casino games are compatible with various devices.

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Playing On Mobile And PC

The game rules don’t change from platform to platform, but there are differences in how they’re played. Using PC, players can use their keyboards, keypads, or mouse to make the few selections and clicks that are required to set bet amounts, place bets, and play their preferred games.

On mobile devices, some games feature bet settings on the main screen, while others have them in a secondary screen accessed by swiping. The game controls are arranged so that players can use their thumb to play, while cradling the device with their fingers, if desired.

The Safety Factor

Reputable mobile casinos are safe digital spaces in which players can play pokies, table games, and other games. They’re protected by regularly updated 128-bit SSL encryption software, just as the best online casinos have been for more than two decades. Even so, players should do their part to ensure that their smartphones and tablets are protected by reliable security software.

The Top 5 New Zealand Mobile Casinos

The top 5 mobile casinos in New Zealand offer an array of games, fantastic compatibility with a range of operating systems, and quality services and incentives. They’re also licensed, regulated, and encrypted.

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