Poker Machines Biggest NZ Community Contributor

Tia Winter | 16 August 2018

From April through to June this year, the largest contributions to communities in New Zealand came from proceeds generated by Poker machines. This is according to Te Tari Taiwhenua, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, which recently released documents regarding statistics for gambling for the quarter that ended back in June 2018.

A Rise in GMP

 According to these stats, the Gaming Machine Proceeds, or GMP, has risen considerably in comparison to the number generated over the same period last year, with 2018 seeing it reach an incredible NZ$6 846 240. The additional funds which local communities received in this latest financial quarter were thanks to the 3.1% increase in GMP from the Class 4 Gambling Machines fondly known as pokies and so popular with players the whole world round.

Over 90% of Net Proceeds reportedly went back into the local community, and the remainder got redirected to national and regional areas. Experts have revealed that these kinds of grants will have a very good impact on the many local organisations that have come to rely on this money.

GMANZ Concerned About Decline

The contributions which proceeds from casino and gaming machines are made up of include an enormous donation to amateur sport. Local hospitals, hospices, professional air ambulances, and air rescue services also received their portions of the proceeds.

Reports say that there is no other form of gambling that is making such hefty contributions to New Zealand’s good causes and community services. The grants themselves are managed by trusts, all of which operate in terms of the regulated restrictions and standards placed on them by the NZ Gambling Act. The Gaming Machine Association of New Zealand, GMANZ, however, has shared concerns about the continuing decline registered in poker machines and venues as revealed in the statistics.

Bruce Robertson, a GMANZ spokesman, spelled it out, explaining that gaming venues like pubs and clubs are currently providing the strongest control over gambling activities, and offer their players an environment that is well regulated. Robertson went on to say that if the regulations get any tighter, the increased restrictions placed on local venues and Poker machines will have a knock-on negative effect. He said that, if players are not able to access legitimate titles, they are all the more likely to turn to unregulated online sites offering the same, which will benefit neither them nor their communities in the long-run.

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