Sega Launches New Social Casino App

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

Let’s not fool ourselves: Sonic the Hedgehog is a cult icon in the world of video games and entertainment. Many of us remember a time when Sonic was the face of video games, the poster child of all that was well with our souls during our otherwise tumultuous teenage years. For that reason, we are fond of Sonic as well as Sega, the creator behind the iconic character.

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Fans were recently excited to learn that Sega was on the verge of releasing a new product that would tie in with and cater for the social casino market. Sega Networks has announced the launch of a new app called Sega Slots. The Sega Slots app will provide a platform where users will be able to play the well-loved Sega titles in the form of pokies games, for free.

The Sega Slots app is officially available at the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play.

Content That Is Familiar

Despite the fact that the general format of the games on the app may differ to the original Sega games, a lot of the content and original characters of the old classics have been resurrected and brought into play. 

The initial release makes provision for eight pokies games. All eight initial pokies games will have to be accessed by playing other titles and all bonus levels that have been incorporated into the initial pokies games feature Sonic and Tails as well as some of the running around that the colourful two characters had to do in order to gather rings and chaos emeralds, for points.

The word is out that Sega will continuously be making new unlockable content available by means of regular available updates for the app. 

Continuing The Legacy

The social casino app is by no means Sega’s first introduction to the casino gaming industry. The company manufactured and launched several pokies machines back in the 1950’s, making for a long history with pokies machine games in general.

The social casino dynamic is taking the gaming and entertainment world by storm and Sega will now officially be an active player in all of that. Social casino content developers often use social media as their platforms of choice, making engaging with the apps a very stimulating and highly social experience to start with. 

Old fans and new players will agree that Sega is very welcome on board the ever-moving social casino train.

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