Smart Watch Casinos Could Take Off In 2018

Tia Winter | 19 December 2017

The casino industry has had a truly impressive year to date, with mobile gaming enjoying a particularly strong spot in the limelight. Experts are predicting that most of the innovations in casino gaming for 2018 will be centred around this rapidly growing vertical, including more AR and VR mobile games, better mobile gaming devices, and other exciting developments for gaming on the go.

However, it’s easy to forget that mobile gaming is not limited to smartphones and tablets alone. Although smart watch casinos currently occupy only a small portion of the gaming market as a whole, some industry professionals believe that 2018 will be the year in which smart watch casino apps will truly have their chance to shine.

Smart Watches Become More Powerful

Many tech publications, including Cliché Magazine, have cited smart watch gaming as a big potential trend for the approaching new year, and looking at how far smart watches have come in the last year, this isn’t difficult to imagine.  From niche devices with limited capabilities, smart watches are quickly becoming as powerful and capable as many mid-range smartphones, which could make them prime candidates for the mobile casino industry.

It’s true that wearable technology has not been as popular as expected in recent years, but despite this, massive tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Acer still consider the smart watch industry to be worth their investments. Many believe that this hope has stemmed from the newfound success of the mobile gaming industry, and as players progress and begin to investigate novel new gaming devices, smart watches could be just the devices that this market niche needs to thrive.

Universal Apps On The Horizon

Despite smart watch gaming’s tepid popularity, casino game developers have also been creating a whole slew of smart watch casino titles in the hopes that the market will still see its heyday. This could be a crucial factor that could lead to smart watch gaming’s adoption in the new year; players will be far more likely to try it out if there is a wide and well-established range of optimised casino games for them to enjoy.

Essentially, should wearable tech take off in the New Year, there will no doubt be a big influx of smart watch casinos into the market. Currently, most smart watches have differing operating systems that can pose a challenge to casinos, but there are projects in the pipeline to create universal smart watch apps.

Once this is achieved, smart watch casino apps will certainly become more financially viable for operators – which is always good news for players too.

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