Stakelogic & Jelly In Online Casino Deal

Tia Winter | 17 September 2020

iGaming studio Stakelogic is rapidly expanding its network of online casino development partners. It was not so long ago that Hurricane Games and Touchstone Games both joined up, agreeing to participate in the Greenlogic partner platform. Now a new studio has likewise jumped on board; Jelly.

But, according to a statement, it won’t be a case of each studio making its own titles individually. Instead, it will be a direct collaboration between the companies, with each working on specific, individual aspects of single online casino games. Jelly will be handling game mechanics, features and gameplay, while Stakelogic will be dealing with the complicated back end.

In this fashion, games will be created with the resources and talent of both companies, simultaneously.

A Mega-Network

As it stands, Stakelogic’s Greenlogic platform is turning into a behemoth. It has been reported that the company now works in collaboration with over 500 specialised companies around the world, as well as 8 aggregator partners. Included in the vast creative network are game logic specialists, localisation teams, distribution partners, and much more.

However, as far as actual developers are concerned, only the 3 mentioned have joined up so far. But chances are that more will jump on board soon, given the enormous opportunity being presented.

As far as online casino games released via the Greenlogic platform are concerned, however, each will strictly be distributed under the Stakelogic brand. But those created with the assistance of other studios, such as Jelly, will have the relevant company listed as a collaborator.

Great Potential Unlocked

Marketing lead at Jelly, Victoria Newbolt, commented on the partnership. She first confessed to being extremely proud that the deal had been finalised, especially since Jelly was among the first developers to be accepted onto the Greenlogic network. She then revealed that the company’s first online casino game developed in collaboration with Stakelogic was almost finished and would be releasing soon.

She concluded by explaining that the deal was a perfect setup, allowing the company designers to focus on strengthening the skills that would define the studio as a whole.

In terms of experience, Jelly consists entirely of industry veterans, all of which agreed to join forces and form a team of highly talented individuals. Though the company has only been around for less than a year, it has already established a reputation of immense professionalism, and reliability.

The deal with Stakelogic is likely exactly what was being hoped for, and will no doubt serve to propel the new team into online casino industry success.

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