Christmas Gifts For Technology Junkies

Tia Winter | 22 November 2018

The Christmas season is rolling round again, which means that you are likely already bracing for the incoming chaos. Relatives you haven’t seen since last year will once again be in your presence, asking about subjects you prefer to avoid at all costs. Plus that one creepy uncle will be trying to get you to buy into his totally-not-a-pyramid-scheme again.

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On top of all this, you will be expected to buy gifts for everyone. Yes, chocolates and aftershave will work in most cases, but then there is always that one relative. The one that obsesses over odd gimmicks and gadgets, and keeps bringing up the latest technology that you couldn’t care less about. Yes, him. He’ll also need a gift, and you don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Take a look at some of the best gift ideas for technology-obsessed friends and family.

Segway Ninebot One Wheel

You’ll have to really love your tech junkie friend to get them one of these, but good gravy will they love you to the end of time. This one-wheeled mini-scooter is just about the coolest thing anyone could be seen on, riding down the block.

Yes, it only has a negligible speed of 14 miles per hour, but it also has one self-balancing wheel, and looks so futuristic it could make a person swear they were in a scene from Back to the Future 2.

It costs a whopping $818, but did we mention it’s just about the coolest thing you’ll ever see?

Zolt Laptop Charger

All right, let’s just face it. You don’t need to be tech obsessed to know that this is a pretty incredible product. It fits in your pocket and can be extracted at any time to charge a laptop, smartphone and tablet. At the same time. Plus, yes, if you’re wondering, it works via USB ports.

Virtually everyone has a use for this little gizmo, and at a fairly reasonable price of $99 it may well be landing up under the Christmas tree in many homes across the world. Heck, sign us up, we’ll take two.

Narrative Clip 2

Another super impressive little gadget, the Narrative Clip attaches to clothing for hands free video recording. The image quality isn’t especially mind blowing at 5 megapixels, but the 30-hour battery life and 8-gigabyte storage are decent. Plus, there is a GPS, accelerometer and magnetometer built in. What those last two features are useful for we don’t know, but a tech friend will surely be impressed.

You might need to spend some time at a casino aiming for a jackpot win if you want to buy this little gadget, as it comes in at a somewhat pricey $149, but it’s also a sure winner.

NASA Sleep Promoting LED Light Bulb

NASA developed this light bulb in order to help astronauts get some sleep on space stations. Apparently the bulb stimulates melatonin production, which in some way is excellent for sleeping. We don’t know how the science behind it works, but the word NASA is right there in the title, which is enough to make any tech junkie friend shriek in glee.

$59.99 is pricey for a light bulb, but it is a very fancy looking one, with great benefits- so splash out and spoil someone!

Google Chromecast 2.0

Last but not least, a neat little tech gift for a very affordable price. Plug it into a TV’s HDMI, connect to it wirelessly via a phone and see the phone screen on your TV. Neat, useful and cheap.

It’s only $35, and is sure to be appreciated by just about anyone. Also, it is something we’d accept, if into buying gifts for complete strangers.

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