NetEnt Gets Their (Wo)Man

Tia Winter | 25 May 2018

The last year has been an eventful one for major online casino software developer, NetEnt. The latest development is that Therese Hillman, CFO for NetEnt since 2017, and acting CEO since the sudden departure of Per Eriksson, has been appointed in the position as the new, permanent CEO for the company.

During March, NetEnt issued a statement following the departure of then CEO Per Eriksson, explaining that the company would now begin to actively look for a new driving force. It’s obvious that company leadership has recognised that Hillman may very well perfectly fit that particular bill, as she has been described by management as being a fantastic leader and one possessing a clear and unclouded business focus.

Experience Is Everything

Hillman previously spent a decade as CEO for Gymgrossisten, in addition to serving on the board of members for Unibet. It’s very obvious that she has vast experience, and more importantly, leadership experience, in the gaming industry, and as such is the perfect fit for the role of CEO for a company the size of NetEnt.

Hillman responded to her new appointment by describing the confidence that the company has placed in her as being a great honour and one that she would strive to bring justice to. Hillman went on to say that she was both enthusiastic at the opportunity as well as being humbled at the same time.

Hillman seemed resolved to continue on the path of development in the same fashion as what she had been doing during her time in the capacity of acting CEO. She stressed that adding value for shareholders, customers, employees, as well as players, would remain a top priority for her, going forward.

The Future Beckons

NetEnt has been facing many challenges, and these were not limited to the sudden change in leadership, which definitely also played a big role. Revenue income was adversely affected by many local regulatory changes in many of the regions and markets that the company was involved in. Due to regulatory amendments to local gambling laws, NetEnt was ultimately forced to exit a number of markets, including Poland, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

The Swedish online casino and gaming giant has over the years established itself as a market leader in the casino and iGaming industry. With a leader like Hillman at the helm, the future looks rosy once again and the company is expected to regain its strong foothold in the worldwide gaming market.

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