Top Ten Tech Gifts for Christmas 2016

Tia Winter | 12 December 2016

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is searching for perfect gifts for loved ones, and there are some fantastic tech finds. We rounded up ten of our favourites, but of course there are always more to find.

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At the recent Consumer Electronics Show of 2016 the trends were not very different from 2015, with an emphasis on comfort, convenience and technology blending with real life. They’re more affordable, however, which is great news for Christmas!

      1. FitBit Charge 2

The FitBit Charge 2 is great for casual users and fitness fanatics. It has a larger display and updated features from the Charge HR, as well as interchangeable wristbands.

      2. LG GS Smartphone

The LG GS smartphone has a great new modular design that really shakes things up. This smartphone has loads of potential applications and provides a premium multi-media experience, making it the ideal option for playing your favourite online casino games on the go.

      3. LulzBot TAZ 6 3-D Printer

The TAZ 6 is a large and versatile 3-D printer, making it all the more desirable. You can decide between completing one large or several smaller prints at once, and the machine is compatible with many different filament printing materials. The tool head is self-levelling and self-cleaning, making it even more convenient.

      4. Drop Connected Scale

The Drop Connected Scale from Amazon will tether to your iPhone or iPad and guide you through a recipe ingredient by ingredient, ensuring that your measurements are precise and your baking is successful.

      5. Tablet Stand

The stylish and sturdy tablet stand from Williams-Sonoma allows you to follow your favourite recipes without taking up valuable countertop space or being at risk of getting damaged while cooking.

      6. Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire is a fully loaded tablet perfect for kids, with a crystal clear IPS display and a quad-core processor. Apps launch quickly and run flawlessly, as do educational shows.

      7. Georgie Interactive Puppy

Georgie the interactive robot dog will follow commands and learn tricks, just as a real canine does. You’ll be spared the mess and the chewing, though!

      8. Samsung Gear VR

For the person in your life who’s into cutting edge tech, Samsung’s Gear VR is an excellent choice. It fits comfortably, has a wide view and is full of user-friendly features. A new-upgraded touchpad makes operating the device easier than ever, and reflection prevention technology ensures that all images, videos and games are as crisp as possible.

      9. Mophie Powerstation

The latest Powerstation from accessory maker Mophie is the slimmest one yet, making it easier to carry around and use. Every version can recharge phones that are completely dead, meaning that your battery life is effectively doubled. Almost everyone will appreciate this gift, especially someone who runs large apps on a regular basis.

      10. Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is our top pick for streaming options because it is so affordable, and streams the apps that are on your phone through your television. This means you don’t need to log onto any new apps on your television screen or get used to any new interface, making everything smoother and simpler to use.

Start Shopping!

If you haven’t found the perfect gift on our list, don’t despair, there is so much more out there. Use our suggestions as a starting point and see what perfect gifts are just waiting to be found. Technology improves almost every experience, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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