Village People Pokies Coming in 2019

Tia Winter | 11 September 2018

Over the years, Microgaming has managed to capture the true essence of many iconic brands in the creation of their award-winning pokies. And really, one would expect nothing less from the very first company to have been on the online gambling scene – ever! Their latest endeavour, however, will most probably trump all previous projects in terms of popularity, especially if they make a success of it, which we expect that they will.

The company recently signed a deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment, which has authorised them to create a brand new pokie based on the music and personalities of the iconic 1970’s disco group, the Village People.

Coming In 2019

The pokies game is scheduled for release in 2019, and those in the know say that it will feature all of the group’s biggest hits, including Y.M.C.A, Macho Man, Go West, and more. These were dance floor classics back in the 70’s and ultimately launched a worldwide disco revolution.

For fans of the Village People, its sure to be a walk down memory lane. The game will also include the members of the group – the Construction Worker, the Biker, the Cowboy; they will all be making a star appearance in the developer’s exciting new creation.

Talk about toe tapping winning pokies action!

Microgaming The Only Choice

ITV Studios Global Entertainment holds to rights to many of the most popular celebrity brands of the 70’s right through to the 2000’s, and the business is well-known for the distribution of celebrated content. It distributes the content by means of its own in-house production and distribution team, as well as in conjunction with many industry-leading producers from around the globe.

As far as television rights and media entertainment is concerned, ITV Studios are hard to beat. The company has offices in Hong Kong, London, Sydney and Los Angeles. ITVS spokesperson, Steve Green, has commented on the absolute iconic value of the Village People. Green said that the theme was well-suited to become an online pokies game, and that the company felt confident that the music and the characters would transport players down memory lane.

Green concluded by saying that in ITV’s opinion, there wasn’t a developer more capable of bringing the theme to life than Microgaming.


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