VR Mobile Gambling On Rise

Tia Winter | 09 May 2017

There can be no mistaking that the mobile casino industry is booming at present. With smartphones and tablets growing more affordable and more advanced by the month, new technologies have also opened up big new possibilities for the gaming space – and virtual reality is one of them.

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Virtual reality is the latest trend to hit the mobile industry, and it’s taken off at an astounding pace. The popularity of VR is showing no signs of slowing down, either, which has been proven by impressive recent statistics. Globally, revenues generated from VR/AR gaming are expected to reach a jaw-dropping NZ$31.07 billion by 2020.

As mobile gaming continues to gain traction, the projected figures for the success of VR are also rising. Casino developers are continuing to develop new mobile gaming apps to cater to a modern audience, and a few leading companies like NetEnt already have their first virtual reality pokies in the pipeline.

VR Gaming Attracts Younger Players

The growth of mobile gaming has given developers and mobile gaming operators a unique opportunity to attract new players and also catch the attention of Millennials, their newest generation of prospective gamers.

So far, the various approaches mobile gambling firms have used to attract these players are working a charm, with mobile gambling revenues growing an estimated 10% each year.

Recent predictions for mobile gambling suggest that by 2020, mobile and VR activities will account for up to 40% of the iGaming industry’s total share. Virtual reality will assist in the growth of mobile even further, with stakes in the VR/AR industry expected to rise an immense 800% by 2022, in part due to VR gambling’s favourable reception from high rollers.

VR Expected To Continue To Boost Mobile Market

Currently, the total amount spent on bets in VR mobile gambling games sits at the $88 million mark – but by 2021, that figure could well exceed $790 million. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that VR’s success may just be starting out, especially as VR gambling bridges the gap between the land-based casino experiences players enjoy and the online convenience they need.

The flexibility of VR mobile gambling also allows developers to provide innovative new games that offer social gaming, leaderboards and gamification – all of which are trends that consistently appeal to millennial players. The VR portal will allow casinos to transport their players to exciting new locations using cost-effective technology, which may boost sales purely due to the wow factor involved.

However, the best part is that players don’t need to spend a huge amount of money in order to enjoy the technology. VR mobile headsets are available from as little as $25 each, giving everyone a chance to get in on the latest trend to hit the mobile landscape.

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