Why Virtual Sports Betting is Here to Stay

Tia Winter | 23 February 2018

Virtual Sports betting has become more popular in recent years, as online and mobile devices and connectivity have become more ubiquitous in New Zealand, and many other countries around the world.

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This form of sport has its roots in Fantasy Sports, but it is not quite the same. In Fantasy Sports you are able to create and manage your sports side, paying different prices for different real-life players to be represented in the dream team you put together. Virtual Sports betting involves computer software using Random Number Generation, or RNG, to create any number of teammate combinations and outcomes; you are not in control of who is pitted against who.

The results that are determined via RNG are used in high-tech animations and simulations to make Virtual Sports betting feel more realistic and authentic. Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Speedway Racing and Motor Racing are all successfully being offered in the Virtual Sports betting world already, and with the technology that is used to create the results the possibilities for future developments are almost endless. So how does Virtual Sports betting compare with Fantasy Sports and real-life sporting events, and is it a good thing that it’s becoming so common?

Fantasy Sports, Virtual Sports and Real-Life Sports Betting

Fantasy Sports and Virtual Sports betting do still have a lot in common, however. Both use real-life players, with their real-life statistics and fitness levels. If a player is injured in reality, they will also be injured in the Virtual Sports world. They also both have much shorter durations than actual sports events, which along with the role that RNG plays makes them more similar to casino games than conventional sports betting is.

While a player’s performance and statistics are used in the calculations that determine Virtual Sports matches’ outcomes, weather, field and other actualities do not play a part as they do in real-life games either. This makes it easier to bet on Virtual Sports in many ways, so it’s a good place for beginning punters to start and for anyone to keep refining their skills. At the same time, the difference in factors affecting the games’ outcomes and their different lengths does make them feel quite artificial to some bettors.

A Place for All Kinds of Sports Betting

Virtual Sports betting can feel unreal, but it can also feel more realistic because you can bet on and see a game begin and reach completion while you carry on with your daily life, in the real world. You can even do this on the train as you commute into work or on your lunch break, as you can with the various mobile casino games that are perfect for playing on the go. Virtual Sports matches, with RNG, are also less susceptible to match fixing and more easily regulated than real-life games are, which is a huge factor for many people.

In the end, as life becomes busier and technology gets better, it seems clear the Virtual Sports betting is here to stay. It offers many advantages, but it doesn’t replace the thrill of watching and betting on a live-action game that fans can truly sink their teeth into. The best thing to do is enjoy both options, and take advantage of every winning opportunity that comes your way.

As always, it is best to start with small wagers until you find the Virtual Sports you feel comfortable with, and until you understand all the betting options properly. Seasoned punters will appreciate the different challenges and learning opportunities that they provide, and those that usually stick to the casino side of things may find them the perfect middle ground or starting point for sports betting.

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