World`s Biggest Mobile Casino Launched

Tia Winter | 14 December 2016

The latest online casino news has seen a subsidiary of major online casino and betting operator Betsson developing a brand new front-end technology. The new system has been named One Betsson Group, and has created the unique opportunity for Betsson’s new online casino to become the largest in the world.

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One Betsson Group (herein known as OBG) has been combined with a new and improved interface design for’s recently launched mobile casino. The casino also has a new layout that showcases a massive portfolio of over 800 mobile casino games and pokies.

The company Betsson operates through multiple casino and betting brands, and strives to offer their players the best possible gaming experience through these brands and their individual offerings. The new OBG software platform is set to do just that, acting as a groundbreaking component layer that will work between Betsson’s many brands and the company’s proprietary Techsson technology platform.

OBG Offers Improved Functionality and Features

OBG has boosted Betsson’s mobile casino in several ways. The most notable features include the faster loading and launch of casino games, as well as improved functionality and a more convenient experience for all Betsson players. Additionally, these improvements encompass all of the company’s brands, gaming channels, and countries.

The mobile casino is the first of Betsson’s brands to be built into the new platform. The mobile casino now offers hundreds of casino games – more than any other mobile casino in the world at present.

Furthermore, the casino offers updated functions like an improved search tool, search results filtering, personalisation, automatic recommendations, and the ability for players to favourite their top games of choice.

OBG Improves Gaming Efficiency

Ulrik Bengtsson, the President and CEO of Betsson AB, has commented on the OBG software’s launch. The CEO said that Betsson’s success depends heavily on scalable technology just like that which is offered in the new platform.

The introduction of the Techsson software reduced platform costs for the company, and now OBG is set to take that scalability to the next level.

He went on to say that his company believes that it is bringing its mobile casino to the top of the iGaming market, and that the other Betsson gambling brands are soon to follow.

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