Yggdrasil and 888 Casino Join Forces

Tia Winter | 09 July 2018

888 Holdings has become a familiar name in the online gaming and gambling industry. According to the latest confirmed partnership deal, 888 Holdings will going forward, have access to the entire content portfolio belonging to and developed by Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil may be relatively new at the art of developing casino games, but the company has shown itself to be successful in all of its many endeavours, and the team has been developing stunning games right from the word GO.

To date, they have managed to compile a rich collection of games, jam-packed with special features and superb creative detail. Their having entered into the market with an impressive boom is impossible to ignore.

A Quest For Fresh Content

The unique partnership came to be when 888 Casino, the main brand belonging to the Holdings company, recently launched a brand new games platform on their existing site. The aim was to provide new content that was both fresh and engaging, to its many players all over the world. Of course, the creative minds at Yggdrasil fit the hand of the profile like a tailored glove.

The deal will be applied to the main brand, as well as to various sites owned by 888 Holdings. These sites operate in regulated markets all over the world. Countries offering the brand to their players include New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, and Italy.

The deal will not only see new content being made available to loyal players, but will also offer a very attractive foot in the international door for the team.

Proof In The Pudding

The provisions of the deal have been made known, and according to the terms of the agreement, the entire content portfolio belonging to Yggdrasil, will be made available to 888 Holdings. This includes all of the brand’s fantastic games, as well as their set of promotional tools called BOOST. BOOST aims to improve player engagement, as well as increase levels of interaction. It has been described as a fantastic, state-of-the-art product.

According to reports, the incorporation and integration processes are already underway, with no grass being left out to grow under anyone’s feet. Round the clock work is currently being performed by development teams in order to make the content available to all 888 Holdings operators and players, and as soon as possible.

Yggdrasil has said that the deal is just more proof of the fact that their games are of exceptionally high quality.

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