Reverse Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Reverse withdrawals are exactly what they sound like. If you have put in a request to cash out your funds from a desktop or mobile casino, you may change your mind and want to cancel it. Reversing your transaction allows you to do just that, and puts the funds back into your playing account.

Pending Times on Cashouts

If you’ve ever made any mobile casino withdrawals, you know that there is a waiting period or pending time between when you make the request, and when the money reaches your bank or e-wallet. This allows sites to perform security checks and verify your identity, and is more economical because they can make more transfers at once.

How to Make Reverse Withdrawals

If you decide you want to keep playing with real funds during these waiting periods, you can do this by cancelling your withdrawal. Simply go back to the cashier interface, click a button or tick a box, and follow a few more prompts. You’ll have access to your funds immediately, and can continue betting and winning.


Reverse withdrawals are great if you change your mind, and decide that you want to keep playing at an online casino. If you were simply going to make another deposit anyway, this is just a lot quicker and cheaper. That means that if you see a new game or a new bonus offer that you want to take advantage of, you don’t have to wait to do it.

Reversing mobile casino withdrawals can be especially beneficial, just because playing this way is even more immediate and fast-paced than when you use a desktop. You might have only a few minutes to spare, and in the rush it is more likely that you’ll cash out before you see that new game that you want to try.

Consider the Downsides

We do need to note that there are some issues with cancelling your cashouts at a desktop or mobile casino. If it becomes too much of a habit, you could end up losing all the money you’ve won back to the house.

Since it is such a simple procedure, you can imagine how easy it is to get caught up in this. An increasing number of online establishments are helping to curtail this, by making the period when these reversals are possible a lot smaller.

You can also take control of the situation by always leaving a small amount of funds in your account; so that you have something left to bet with and are less tempted to cancel your funds transfer. If you are experiencing serious problems controlling this behaviour, you might need to stick to using casinos that allow Flushing.

Reverse Withdrawals and Flushing

“Flushing” literally refers to flushing your account, so that while your cashouts are pending you cannot access them. In other words, you are actually unable to request reversals. This is sometimes done automatically, but you will usually need to get in touch with a Customer Service Liaison to set it up manually. If you’ve ever come across the words “manual flushing” in a casino review, this is what is being referred to.

Ultimately, you need to take responsibility for your own gaming behaviour. If you think you’ll be able to use this function without abusing it, it can be a great way to keep the good times going. On the other hand, if you know you will struggle to manage it and avoid the temptation of playing all your funds away, it is best avoided. You’ll find the best sites for both options in our reviews.