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One of the major benefits of playing mobile casino games is being able to play for free as well as for real money. In New Zealand, all top-rated mobile casinos offer free games for players who want to try out new games and hone their skills in games like blackjack or poker. While playing for free can be rewarding in itself, playing for real money is what online gambling is really all about!

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An essential part of playing for real money is making a casino deposit. If you are familiar with the online casino industry, you will know that credit cards payments are the most widely accept form of payment at any casino.

If you own a credit card, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be using your card to make instant mobile casino deposits at your favourite New Zealand casino. There are many benefits to using your credit card for online payments. The first of which is choice and reliability. All top-rated casinos in New Zealand or anywhere in the world accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard as approved payments. Credit card casino deposits are fast, reliable and are processed immediately giving you the freedom to play straight away.

Convenient and Secure Casino Deposits

When it comes to security, gone are the day when credit card fraud scared users out of using their card for internet payments. Today’s credit cards are chipped and pinned and come with an added layer of security known as 3D secure technology. This is an advanced security system linked to your card and account which only allows the card holder to make transactions online. Even if fraudsters do get hold of your card details, they will not be able to complete the transaction without inserting a password or one time pin.

Instant Mobile Casino Deposits

Most people don’t realise it but credit cards can also often be used for cashing out your mobile casino winnings. Players who own a credit card can simply head to the cashier section and withdraw their winnings directly into their credit card account. This means that you can use one card for casino deposits and cashouts without ever needing to link your bank details or sign up for a web-wallet facility to withdraw your funds. If you want to keep track of your spending, you can use your monthly credit card statement to see exactly how much you spend at each casino.

Earn Reward Points Every Time You Play

If you needed more incentives to use your credit card online, earning reward points might be the answer. All major credit cards in New Zealand are linked to some form of reward program or another. Depending on your financial institution, you can earn reward points every time you use your card in-store or online. You can then exchange your reward points for hotel vouchers, fuel vouchers, travel vouchers, meal vouchers or cash back into your account.

So, by using your credit card to make online casino deposits, you are actually boosting your reward points and giving something back to yourself at the end of the day. It’s the best of both worlds - a safe and secure deposit mechanism and a way to earn rewards just for having fun!

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