Using eCheck

Short for electronic check, eCheck has proven itself quite popular in the mobile casino world. Electing to use eCheck means that you’ll be able to establish a secure electronic fund transfer straight from your bank account and into your mobile casino account. ECheck can generally be used to make both deposits and withdrawals and this is always of great benefit to users. Why use two banking mechanisms to transact when you can use just one? ECheck us pretty much like the old traditional paper check; when you deposit with eCheck, the amount is requested from your bank in the same way a paper check you’ve signed off on is deposited. Of course eCheck is a lot quicker. ECheck is highly secure and thus widely used. It abides with strict processing laws which includes a 128-bit SSL exchange to protect your personal information and ID verification.

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Depositing with eCheck

Our mobile casino banking lobbies have the eCheck option and it’s fully integrated with the cashier screen. Simply tap the eCheck icon and one of two things will be possible. If you already have an account, you’ll just need to follow the simple command prompts. If you don’t have an account, the casino will redirect you to the eCheck website where you’ll be able to quickly setup an account. If you already have an eCheck account, follow the prompts, key in the amount of money you’d like to put into your mobile casino account and click on submit. ECheck will then connect with your actual bank account and transfer the funds into your casino account.  ECheck will also clear the money immediately and remove the money from your bank account afterwards usually within a span of 2 days.

The Advantage of eCheck

Depending on which country you reside in, eCheck can be both a deposit and withdrawal mechanism. As far as convenience goes, eCheck is quite unbeatable. Deposits are instantly available, so there’s no waiting for the cash to reflect and for you to start having fun.

eCheck Disadvantages

While eCheck is fast, this speed cannot always be consistent. This is due mainly to the fact that mobile casino’s tend to rely on a number of processors to accommodate the large number of players using the casino at once. Sometimes, the processor in use might be a bit slow and this can then affect the speed of your transaction. There have been some claims that it’s not the safest method of transaction, although staying within the confines of the casino should protect the user thanks to the encryption software. If you are going to use eCheck outside of gambling, make sure that the website has the necessary encryption to ensure there is no exposure to a virus or any breach in your security. Lastly, region dependent, eCheck cannot always serve players in both capacities and thus, upon having signed up, check with support to verify if it can be used both ways.

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