Faster Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to gambling online, there are a number of factors that can influence your overall casino experience. In New Zealand, most player’s focus on the three big requirements, which include gaming selection, deposit methods and casino bonuses. Once those are checked off the list, players are happy to sign up with just about any top mobile casino that comes along.

If you are diligent and you value your time and money, you will take a little bit more time in selecting which online casino you sign up with. Not only should you be searching for a casino with great bonuses, a good list of games and fast deposits; you should also be looking for a casino that is user-friendly, fully secure and offers fast cashouts.

Casino Processing Times

While you may think it is not really an issue, cashing out is a major part of the online gambling process. There is nothing worse than cashing out your hard-earned casino winnings and having to wait over a week for the money to actually hit your account. By then, you have become so frustrated with the process that you are hesitant to go back and do it all over again. There is a simple remedy for all this. Firstly, you need to find an online casino that offers faster withdrawals, and secondly, you need to select a withdrawal type that is either instant or can be processed within a day or two.

Before we get into the actual withdrawal methods, let’s take a look at the casino itself. Almost every mobile casino in New Zealand will have a withdrawal processing period. This is the time it takes for the casino to process your withdrawal request. In most cases, the processing time will be 2 working days. Whether or not it actually takes this amount of time to process is beside the point. At any time during these 48 hours, players can cancel their withdrawal with no fees or any other issues popping up. Basically, the casinos want to make sure that you really do want to cash out your winnings and it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision.

Basic Wire Transfer

Since all online and mobile casinos have some form of processing period, its best to look for a casino that is either in range with the norm or can process your request within 24 hours. Anything over 48 hours or 2 working days is far more than the average casino. If your casino takes up to 4 days just to process, it may be time to play somewhere else. Once the processing time has elapsed, the withdrawal is then in the hands of the financial institution or web-wallet platform to complete the transaction. This a crucial step and one that can extend your withdrawal by another 5 days or be processed immediately.

Choosing the right withdrawal method is key to faster cashouts. In days gone by, the only way to withdraw your winnings was to withdraw your funds directly into your bank account. Depending on your financial institution, this could take anywhere between 5 to 7 days to process. Thankfully, things have improved since then. Today, there are a number of withdrawal methods that are equally safe and much quicker. Another point to think about is the minimum withdrawal amount. In most cases, the longer the withdrawal time, the higher the withdrawal limit.

Credit Card Withdrawals

Besides bank transfers that can take up to 5 days to process and require a higher minimum withdrawal, your next option would be credit card withdrawals. The nice thing about credit cards is that you don’t have to link your bank details; you can deposit and withdraw your winnings from the same card account. Credit cards are not the fastest way to withdraw your winnings, but they certainly are convenient. Because they are linked through your bank, credit card withdrawals can take 2-3 days to process, not too bad if you consider that you don’t have to sign up with any external payment facility.

Web-Wallet Withdrawals

The most popular deposit and cashout method in use today is the web-wallet facility. There are a number of web-wallet options available in New Zealand, including Neteller and Skrill. While they do require players to sign up for an online account and transfer funds in to the web-account, the benefits can be worth the effort. Not only do web-wallets offer instant payments, they also offer instant withdrawals. This means that once the online casino has processed the transaction (48 hours), the funds with then be deposited into your web-wallet account straight away.

It does mean that you still have to withdraw your funds from your web-wallet account, but many web-wallet facilities offer ATM cards where you can head over to your nearest ATM and withdraw the cash directly from your web-wallet account.

Bitcoin Withdrawals

Another good way to withdraw your winnings in a hurry is to use Bitcoin. While not all online casinos offer Bitcoin, the number is growing on a daily basis. Bitcoin casinos accept the digital currency as a regular deposit and cashout method, the same way you would use a web-wallet account.

If you haven’t used Bitcoin before, the process requires downloading and installing a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone or desktop computer. You can think of your Bitcoin wallet as a digital representation of an actual money wallet. This means that if you lose your wallet or your phone crashes, your money is gone. You can get hold of Bitcoins by visiting exchange sites or earning them online.

In any case, Bitcoin deposits can be made by setting up a transfer from your wallet to the online casino. When it comes to cashing out, Bitcoin casinos are able to process Bitcoin transactions directly as they do with web-wallet payments. Once the allotted processing time has elapsed, the casino will transfer your Bitcoin payments directly into your wallet. Because Bitcoin has no ties to any financial institution or payment facility, the processing fees are incredibly low. This means that the minimum withdrawal limit can be very low as well.

Faster withdrawal methods are key to an enjoyable online casino experience and the casinos that we recommend all offer plenty of banking options and adhere to a prompt payout policy.