Paysafe Card Review

Paysafe Card

  • Widely available
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible amounts for instant deposits

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Of the various mobile casino payment methods out there, Paysafe is one that’s become quite popular amongst New Zealand players and players in general. The Paysafe Card system demands little of players and this serves as its strongest appeal. It’s really nothing more than a voucher that allows you to change it for mobile casino credits. Players have gravitated towards the Paysafe Card because if doesn’t require any info. So, unlike an e-wallet that will require a registration process, a Paysafe Card is the equivalent of a voucher, except it can be redeemed online. Another strong selling point of the Paysafe voucher is the privacy it affords a user as well as its capacity to be used in budgeting and for its use for overseas travel.

All are Welcome!

Paysafe Card’s versatility is displayed by its continental reach – more than 42 countries can be selected from their county list and what’s really great about this option is that it allows you to plot and plan your budgeting if you’re going to travel to said destination. This means you can choose a country and buy a Paysafe Card that will be applicable to that country. Imagine not having to exchange your dollars or euros at a bank? Imagine simply going online, buying the Paysafe card for the country of your choice and then going on your travels? It’s one less thing to worry about! Paysafe makes sure that everyone’s invited and the same can be said for mobile casino gaming.

Using Paysafe for Mobile Casino Gaming

Nothing could be easier than using a Paysafe Card for mobile casino gaming. The card is available in a physical voucher form thus making it possible to purchase from a number of retail outlets. The card is issued with a 16 digit pin code which you can then punch in each time you use the voucher. The funds will deplete once you have used the full amount of the card.  The Paysafe Card is only for use as a deposit option – it cannot be used for when you win or choose to withdraw your funds.

For Use with E-Wallets

The Paysafe Card can also be used to fund certain well-established web wallets/e-wallets, namely Neteller and Skrill. Once again privacy and convenience are the highlights here. Buy funding your e-wallet with a Paysafe Card you can also budget or set aside a fixed and/or dedicated gambling budget.  If you have Neteller account, topping it up with a Paysafe card is quite easy – simply log into your Neteller account and select Paysafe Card as a payment method. It works exactly the same if you want to top up your Skrill account. Once you’ve purchased a Paysafe card you can check the balance of your card online and which stores that will accept the card for goods and services. When it comes to the safety features of the Paysafecard it’s important to keep your pin number safe and not to share it with anyone which includes not passing it on by email or phone.

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