Casino Platforms

Every conceivable gaming platform is catered to by the casinos that we endorse. Enter our sites via your mobile phone or PC and you’ll find compatible casino games to play to win on. IPads, smartphones, tablets, you name it, and you can play to win on it!

Online/PC Platforms

The most casino games, in terms of numbers or volume, are still to be found on the online casino/PC platform. Mobile casinos are the way of the future, but online casinos are where games first get unveiled and online casinos are where the whole digital gaming industry began. Each of the online casinos that we offer our Kiwi players offer casino games by the hundreds. The online/PC platform also still offers the most relaxed form of gaming there is. Often conducted in the study, living room or bedroom, the PC gaming environment is one of relaxation coupled with incredible moments of excitement when wins are struck.

Android Platforms

Android platforms provide the perfect haven for smartphone and tablet users who make use of most modern makes and models. In a single sweep, the Android operating system covers the majority of phones and tablets with the exception of those powered by iOS. With this said, practically any current or relatively modem phone can be turned into an Android casino and if you’re an Android user, you’ll find lots to play and lots to do with one of our New Zealand mobile casinos.

The iPad Platform

The iPad platform is by far one of the best ways to enjoy and go about your gaming experience. As the middle ground of the PC and the phone, this device sports hi specs, capable of handling most software apps you throw at it. Alongside iPhones and smartphones it is the ideal gaming device. With its large screen you’ll be able to take in the mobile casino gaming experience in its entirety.

The iPhone Platform

The iPhone provides the most played on mobile casino platform. Thanks to the iOS operating systems’ HTML 5 compliance, many of the mobile casino games that our operators provide can be enjoyed as browser games, which means players won’t always need to initiate a download. The iPhone offers excellent technological capabilities and thus is the preferred smartphone on which to conduct mobile casino game play.

Smartphone Platforms

In terms of widespread availability, you cannot go wrong with enjoying mobile casino games on the smartphone platform. The smartphone platform runs mostly on Android and includes Blackberry devices. If you’re the owner of a Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola or the numerous other makes of smartphones, the odds are in your favour for using them to play mobile casino games.

Tablet Platforms

The wide availability of tablet devices means that when you sign up with one of our New Zealand mobile casinos, you’ll be able to get the most immersive gaming experience there is in terms of portability. Whether you’re using an iPad Air, a Google Nexus or a Samsung Galaxy Note, it will make a great device on which to enjoy lucrative possibilities and great mobile casino games.

Platform Preference

At the end of the day platform preference comes down to a number of factors. It has to do with the device you currently use, whether or not you plan to switch devices, whether you plan on switching operating systems or whether you want as many games available to you as possible. The kind of casino gamer you are also needs to be taken into account. You should evaluate your lifestyle in terms of how busy or how occupied it is and based on that make a call. While these considerations might seem trivial, they’re actually quite important especially if you’re serious about mobile casino or online casino gaming.

Are The Player Benefits the Same?

Our mobile casinos are equal opportunity entertainment providers. By this we mean that it doesn’t matter which platform you decide to play on when it comes to player benefits in the form of bonuses, promotional offers, VIP services and loyalty point rewards. Player incentives are the same across the board despite the platform you’ve chosen as your preferred one.

Is the Gaming Quality the Same?

This is an interesting question and it’s one we’d liken to looking at a range of TV’s in a department store. All the TVs will display the same image but upon closer inspection you’ll notice little differences here and there. The same can be applied to mobile casino games being played on various platforms. The most notable aspects will be graphics and sounds but these changes won’t take away from the gaming experience.