Bars & Striped Mobile Pokies

Fancy a visit to the good old US of A? No need! Just put Bars & Stripes Mobile Pokies on your phone and you’ll have the equivalent of having gone there. Okay, it’s not exactly a trip to America, but this casino game can award you with enough cash to book yourself a flight to get there. Bars & Stripes is the quintessential Yank-styled game. It sets about giving all who play it an all-American experience and for that we cannot knock it – it achieves its goal 110%. But this isn’t just a casino game about the greatest and fattest nation in the world, it’s also a game that’s got the kind of winning features that will not just grease your palm, it will fatten your wallet!

Let’s Talk about Compatibility

Worried that Bars & Stripes won’t work on your phone. Let us assure you that this eventuality is highly unlikely! This game has been re-built from the ground up to cater to the whole mobile market. It wouldn’t be in Microgaming’s interest to re-release one of its games only to have it working on one or two devices. Whether you’re using an iOS powered iPhone and iPad, an Android reared smartphone and tablet or a Windows mobile phone, you’ll find that you’re in with a chance to win big!

Play on 5 Reels & 25 paylines

Bars & Stripes Mobile Pokies delivers its fusion of American culture and winning possibilities over 5 reels and 25 paylines. That’s more than enough of a gaming engine to offer up good odds and potent wins. Everything the Americans ever gave us to increase our girth is on the reels of this game. Beers, hotdogs, chocolate cookies with cream, hamburgers, fries, apple pie and Thanksgiving turkey – it’s all part of the visual makeup of this mobile pokies game. These fattening treats are combined with national and cultural elements like the American eagle, the Statue of Liberty, the flag, Uncle Sam’s hat and an American football. Did we say this is a very American game?

Winning Your American Dream

Bars & Stripes Mobile Pokies actually has quite a bit going for it in terms of win-enabling symbols and features. Big symbols to be aware of are Uncle Sam’s hat (the Scatter), the Bars & Stripes symbol (the Wild) and the American football (additional Scatter). Get 5 Wilds in a row on an enabled payline and you’ll land the game’s biggest jackpot which sits at 50 000 coins. Uncle Sam’s hat can trigger the hat bonus where you’ll need to choose a hat that could multiply your profits and land you a whopping 47 500 coins. The American football will multiply bets it completes to only add to that bulging bankroll. All in all, Bars & Stripes can pay out a total of 97 500 coins!

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