Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies

A true classic is reborn for the mobile casino platform with Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, one of the first titles to show off the talents behind Microgaming and one that would set and define the precedence of future titles. For a relatively old casino game, Big Kahuna has aged incredibly well. It’s vibrant colour scheme and the creative way in which it conveys its theme makes for top-class entertainment. For its time and even by today’s standards, Big Kahuna is a feature-rich game which aims to entertain, delight and pay.

Big on Compatibility

If you’re not certain as to whether Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies will work on your tablet or phone, rest at ease knowing that the odds are heavily in your favour. Due to the massive demand for more games to be re-invented as mobile casino titles, manufacturers are doing all they can to meet the demand and that means ensuring that all bases are covered. iPhones and iPads are catered to as well as Android smartphones and tablets along with Windows mobile phones. Essentially, if you’ve got a mobile phone, you stand to win.

Big Reels on which to Play

Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, being a bit of an aged title, comes with 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines on which to experience its island and tribal theme. By today’s standards some would consider this reel setup to be somewhat simplistic but the truth of the matter is that 9 payline games still enjoy immense popularity and to this day are often preferred because of the belief that wins can come quicker due to less paylines. If you’ve ever bought into the concept of ‘less is more’, then this is the kind of game from which you could garner a lot of enjoyment. It’s a little paradoxical for while the reel structure might be small, Big Kahuna offers a good choice of low to medium coins sizes and carries with it the potential for frequent positive hits.

Big Kahuna Features

Now this is where this mobile pokies game will really show off to New Zealand players. Unlike the usual wild and scatter features seen in so many of today’s pokies games, Big Kahuna offers up bonus features that are more involving and that require the player to make decisions. The game’s two biggest features are its Volcano Bonus and its Magic Mask Bonus. Both features will ask that you choose items in order to unveil your prize. Entry into the Volcano Bonus is achieved when 3, 4 or 5 volcano bonus symbols land an active payline. Hereafter you’ll have to face the Chief and decide which offering will satisfy the rumbling volcano. The Magic Mask Bonus requires the same process for entry – 3, 4 or 5 mask bonus symbols on an active payline. In this feature you’ll venture deep into the belly of a mountain where 10 magical masks await you. You can choose as many until a collect comes up. Even if you don’t strike it lucky in this feature you still receive a consolation prize. Maximum prize potential for Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is 40 000 coins.

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