Emoji Planet Online Slots

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It had to happen and it was really just a matter of time before one of the online casino software companies got the idea. We’re talking about those cute little critters that make our lives easier when we’re Whatsapping someone of course. Emoticons are now part of our daily lives and thanks to NetEnt, they can now also add to our wallets! Emoji Planet Online Video Slots is a NetEnt product and that means that you can expect innovation, fun and good winning possibilities. The emoticon craze certainly has taken off. You can buy pillows shaped like these amusing characters, ornaments, toys and now you can win money through them too. Of course NetEnt isn’t the only online casino software to have released an emoticon slot game. Rival and peer Microgaming have also given it a shot with their take, called Emoticoins Online Video Slots. Before we let you in on more of this cool game, we thought we’d tell you about a cool place at which to play it.

Play Emoji Planet at Mr Green

A lot of online casino operators have emerged over the years and while many are on the level – you pretty much have to be – only a few really stand out from the crowd. Mr Green is one of those exceptional casinos, standing out from the crowd and serving players to the best off its ability by offering up a service that goes beyond just of realm the casino games. Multiple software providers have equipped Mr Green with the ability to offer up exceptional online casino games, live casino games and sports betting. A full compendium of betting options for your PC and your phone are all available at Mr Green and so is Emoji Planet Online Video Slots!

Emoji Planet: Look & Feel

Emoji Planet Online Video Slot is a really well executed and cool concept. NetEnt are always at their best when they’re trying to give players something fresh and new and with Emoji planet they don’t disappoint. Because these characters inhabit your phone and namely your keyboard, the game itself also takes place in those surroundings. It’s quite amusing playing the mobile slot version of this game because it feels like a game within a game. All the emoticons you’ve come to know and love are there to help you achieve great rewards. This game doesn’t rely on the traditional reel system either. Symbols tumble down and there are no fixed paylines. Instead, wins are awarded when at least 5 like symbols touch each other, regardless of the pattern. Once a win occurs, the winning symbols explode and new ones land in their place to create a new possibility.

Emoji Planet: Features

Emoji Planet uses a meter system to award cash. Five of a kind of specific symbols will award a win and the more you get clumped together, the higher the win. Emoji Planet comes with the following five winning and win enabling features:


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