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It was waiting to happen and now it has. Chaps and chicks, welcome to the next mobile pokies craze – emoji’s. These cute little conveyors of our feelings and emotions have finally made their way into the world of pokies. In the past they helped us get our messages across more effectively while typing less, now they’re here to get massive winnings across to us! Microgaming is the company helming Emoticoins Mobile Pokies but they’re not alone. NetEnt, a rival, a peer and an equal has already unveiled their take called Emoji Planet Mobile Pokies.  Microgaming’s take is quite different and that’s great; nothing beats diversity in this exciting and lucrative industry. As is often the case, before we tell you more about this cool new pokies game, we thought we’d let you know about the place at which you can play it.

JackpotCity Mobile Casino

Some might accuse us of being in JackpotCity’s pocket and that’s understandable. We have spoken at length about this casino, but with valid reason. Some might say we have a soft spot for JackpotCity and that’s understandable. Here we are yet again paying them lip service, but with complete and utter validation. Twenty years in this industry makes JPC one of the quintessential veterans of the industry. This casino was born in the formative years of internet gambling and it’s seen rivals and peers come and go while remaining one of the few constants in a business that’s become more and more competitive. Quite recently the casino expanded its gaming package by including live dealer casino games and not just any old ones either, but only the best by Evolution Gaming. NZ$1 600 in bonus cash is waiting on anyone whose first time it is.

Emoticoins: Look & Feel

With Emoticoins Mobile Pokies, Microgaming have crafted what can only be called something incredibly cute. Due to the reel structure, which is 5 reels and 30 paylines, the game cannot give you the entire family of emoticons but that’s no big deal because all the main ones are there. This is not Microgaming’s most ambitious game in terms of features. Instead, Emoticoins Mobile Pokies is quite simple and really just about the fun. Of course we wouldn’t be talking about it if you couldn’t win from it, and here’s how.

Emoticoins: Features

Emoticoins Mobile Pokies is one of those whimsical casino games. However, with a max win of 92 000 coins, whimsical might not be the best of ways in which to describe it! This game’s real standout features come from the way it uses its Wild. In fact we’re a little surprised that its makers didn’t call it Wild Emoticoins.  The Emoticoins logo is the Wild and first and foremost will replace everything except the Scatter. Microgaming have injected this game with something called the Wild Blast, a completely random occurrence that can happen after a spin and transform 1 to 5 symbols onto Wilds.

Rounding off the wild times is the Free Spins feature, initiated when three or more LOL Scatters appear on screen. The cool thing about this part of the game is that it comes with Microgaming’s trademark Wild Stickers™. What it means is that while your spins count down, Wild symbols will appear on the reels and stay there until the entire feature is over. Try Emoticoins Mobile Pokies today and who knows, you might find yourself smiling at a lot more than just those faces on the screen.

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