Open the Gates to Adventure

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t a fan of – or at least familiar with – Jurassic Park™. The entire concept was an absolute delight for dinosaur and film fans alike. From jaw-dropping special effects and an incredibly engaging storyline, fans were glued to their seats from the very beginning. Even though some decades have passed since the film first roared its way onto the big screen, the title is still a household favourite, and continues to unearth commercial success. Trust online giant, Microgaming, to re-open those famous gates and transport players to an online slot that is as equally thrilling as the film. Let’s take a look at some of the features and creatures you can expect to find behind the fence at Gaming Club: the best casino for online slot machines.

It’s A Jackpot Jungle Out There

Let’s get the most important part of any online slot game out of the way first: winning. With the Jurassic Park™ Online Slot, you may find yourself so focussed on survival that you forget what you’re really there for in the first place. But try and keep your head about you. If you can survive the claws and teeth of the prehistoric beasts roaming around the reels, you’re in for a real treat. 95 000.00 coins, to be exact! And while the fences are high and the dinosaurs are dangerous, there are 243 ways to win!

Keep your eyes peeled for that famous golden amber Scatter symbol. Not only does it contain some precious dino DNA, but getting 3, 4 or 5 on the reels will trigger some terrific free spins – and you’ll be needing those if you plan to survive the line-up of beastly reptiles you’ll meet on your journey.

Bad boy T-Rex may appear during the Free Spins feature, frightening up to 5 reels into Wilds – symbolised by the famous Jurassic Park™ logo. Frightfully fantastic!

Raptors are smart. Very smart. Should this guy cross your path, he’ll slash the Wild into two and create better winning combinations. You might land yourself with a 6 of a kind win, which pays double 5 of a kind.

Triceratops might be more of a gentle giant, but don’t think you can outrun him. With this 3-horned beast and the Running Wilds™ feature, on each free spin the Wild stack will grow by a Wild per reel on any non-winning spin!

The long-necked Brachiosaurus will activate the Mystery Multiplier, in which all wins are multiplied 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x, while that deceptively cute Dilophosaurus will turn random positions into Wilds – with a splattering of goo, of course!

You’re not out of the jungle just yet. Should you receive that heart-pounding T-Rex Alert, your chance to win increases with 35 extra Wilds on the reels!

Enter If You Dare…To Win!

The Jurassic Park™ Online Slot had massive footprints to fill when it came into being in 2014. After all, with such a huge following and fan base, the game had to deliver. And it certainly does. The soundtrack is seamless and enticing – keeping you on the edge of your seat. Not just with the anticipation of what might jump out from behind the reels, but with the ever-present possibility to win some serious money! Just another reason why Gaming Club is the best casino for online slot machines.

The backdrop to the game scrolls seamlessly past at all times, creating an ambient – and eerie – atmosphere. The dinosaurs and film characters who feature on the reels are gorgeously animated, and every spin and win pays handsome homage to the film. So buckle up, and take a trip back in time to a game and place that promises hours of endless entertainment.

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