Machine Gun Unicorn Mobile Pokies

Every now and then a gaming software company releases something completely out of the ordinary. Yes, pokies games in general tend to veer towards themes that are bizarre, comedic and so much more. But now and again something comes out that even defies that which is already far-fetched. If you’re wondering what we’re on about, it’s Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Pokies, a game that combines ponies, guns and zombies! If you’re in any way perplexed as to who would make such a game, wonder no more! This game comes straight from the inventive minds of Genesis Gaming and what a mashup it is - you’ve the cutest little unicorns ever seen in a casino game. But they’re not just cute, they’re tough too. And they’ve got to be tough once you realise that they’re up against a band of flesh-eating zombies. The story goes something like this: all is well in the land of the unicorns when without warning zombies attack! The unicorns aren’t taking anything lying down and they fight back with bats, guns and ... axes!

Shoot and Hack ton your Mobile

Genesis Gaming have truly strived for something alternative with Machine-Gun Unicorn. But let’s not be fooled here; this is still a mobile pokies game and that means that the main aim is still intact all the way – win and win big! PC players are welcome to enjoy the mischief and the mayhem as the game is available as an online casino title. But for those who don’t ever want to be without the cutest and most butting kicking horses to come into existence, the mobile pokies version will not let you down. Genesis has done all that it can to make sure that no New Zealand pokies-loving player has been excluded and this has been achieved by making the game available to iOS and Android players. This means that Apple owners can give it a go as can users of Android-empowered smartphones and tablets. There’s a cash-splashing zombie massacre going down and everyone’s invited!

Gunning for Big Wins

Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Pokies hasn’t been built with a slew of features. In fact, quite the opposite. With this one the designers took a somewhat minimalist approach when it came to features. We think this was to offset the complete absurdity of the theme which took more programming power in terms of graphics and audio qualities. Worry not though, this is a pokies game after all! Five reels and 10 paylines will engulf your screen and on those reels you’ll see all manner of unicorns wielding his or her own weapon. Help is provided by a mystical dragon and the star of the show – the Machine-Gun Unicorn – who just happens to be the Wild as well. All the zombies are rendered headless and kept in jars.

While this portable casino game isn’t that big on winning features, it still brings home the bacon and in two major ways. The first is the way in which it delivers it’s pays from a reel-structure point of view. This game pays left to right and right to left and while that might not immediately fill your rice bowl you’ll soon see how such a simple innovation can yield great results. The second form of potency comes in the form of the Machine-Gun Unicorn – the Wild symbol who has a gun in the place of his horn! He only avails himself on reel 3 but once he does he takes as many zombies with him as possible and this means cash for you. And guess what? Even if there aren’t zombies on the reels when he shows up, you still win something. Machine-Gun Unicorn Mobile Pokies is fun, simple and generous and it’s waiting for you to give it a go!

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