Nashville 7’s Online Pokies

Country music is king and seven is definitely a lucky number in this classic, All-American, Vegas-style online pokies! Inspired by the Southern grandeur of Tennessee’s Music City, Nashville 7’s offers pure pokies entertainment and action.

In Nashville 7’s it’s just you and the reels. There are no bells, whistles, or bonus games to take you away from spinning for winning symbol combinations, whether you are playing for the fun of it without spending a cent, or for real money and the chance to win big.

Nashville 7’s is available at reputable online casinos powered by award-winning software developer Microgaming and offers premium entertainment with every spin.

Quality Classic Pokies

Created by Microgaming, Nashville 7’s is a real treat for players who want a truly classic online pokies experience.

Vintage-inspired graphics in red, white, and blue dominate the scene, while the soundtrack includes effects such as country music guitar clips. The animation is slick; the playing action smooth, and the interface is easy to navigate.

Nashville 7’s Reel Symbols

You are sure to gain a new appreciation for the number seven after playing Nashville 7’s online pokies. Red sevens and blue sevens are top paying symbols, with a fantastic 2500 coin jackpot for three red sevens on a three-coin bet!

Any three sevens also payout, and the best part is, it’s not only sevens that pay. Other vintage symbols such as red triple bars, blue double bars, green single bars, and tasty cherries could also see your winnings climb to the top of the charts.

Any one, two, or three cherries appearing on the reels of Nashville 7’s will payout a win. The bars pay for three of the same, with the triple bar paying the highest of the three. Any three bars also bring a payout with them.

Simple Pokies Action

Playing Nashville 7’s online pokies is easy. When the game has launched, you need to set the value of your coins at 0.25, 0.50, or 1.00 using the increase and decrease buttons. Then, click the Bet One button once to bet one coin, twice to bet two coins, or three times to bet three. If you want to place the game’s maximum bet, click the Bet Max button. Next, click the Spin button, and watch the reels turn!

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