Queen of the Castle

Want the best mobile casino pokies that NZ has to offer? They can all be found at any online casino with software from NextGen Gaming, including our featured mobile casino pokies game – Queen of the Castle. Brace yourself for royal rewards as you enter the castle, take the throne, and cash in on special mystery bonuses, as well as a Locked Reels feature.

Queen of the Castle has fun graphics, and deviates a bit from the more serious royal-themed games. It is, of course, available to play on any mobile device – some of the finer details may get a bit lost on a small screen, but it won’t affect your gameplay at all. In fact, Queen of the Castle is a lot more fun on a smaller screen than on your PC.

Symbols and Bonus Features

Queen of the Castle is a mobile casino pokies game with 5 reels, however, there are no paylines – instead the symbols run in a 3-4-5-4-3 format, and winnings are paid out for adjacent symbols on the reels. This is just one of the reasons why it’s the perfect mobile casino pokies in NZ, as this format is extremely popular, and why it’s one of the best mobile casino pokies game to enjoy. Are there any other reasons? Plenty!

Besides the excellent graphics and symbols that include a throne, corgi dog and coin bag, the game also has a special Locked Reels feature. This can happen at any time during gameplay, where vines will lock the middle reels and, in turn, the symbols on those reels will all change to the same ones, awarding you with a guaranteed payout. Should you land 3 or more of the Scatter symbols, you’ll be rewarded with 14 Free Spins. The Scatter symbols will be replaced with crowns during this bonus round, and will be collected in a meter – once the meter is full, you’ll receive extra Free Spins.

There are also two Chest Mystery features: the Red Chest Reveal is triggered when a full stack of red treasure chest symbols land on the first reel. Any of the card symbols on the other reels will turn into red treasure chests. The Purple Chest Reveal is triggered when a full stack of purple treasure chest symbols land on the fifth reel, when the gemstone symbols will transform into purple treasure chests.

The Best Mobile Casino Pokies

Queen of the Castle is a fantastic game to enjoy, both on PC and mobile. As mentioned, it can be played at any casino featuring software from NextGen Gaming. This developer has been in the industry for almost two decades, and strives to create mobile casino pokies that deliver exceptional entertainment – and it most certainly does not disappoint.

So next time you’re looking for mobile casino pokies in NZ, give NextGen Gaming a try – there’s a reason why they create the best mobile casino pokies, including top titles like Queen of the Castle.

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