Royal 7`s Online Pokies

When it comes to online pokies, it seems that developers are focusing on creating increasingly sophisticated titles packed full of special features.

Classic reel pokies fans will therefore be happy to know that Royal 7’s offers traditional reel spinning action at its best. Created by Microgaming, this superb online pokies game boasts a simple, straightforward structure that lets you enjoy nonstop entertainment with every spin!

Fruit Themed Fun

Royal 7’s is an online pokies game with a fruit and numbers theme. The backdrop is a simple image of three gold sevens and since the number seven plays such an import role, it has been crowned and stands out front, proudly displaying its regal supremacy.

In this game, players can choose to play with a single coin or up to 3 coins on any spin. The more coins bet, the bigger the jackpot!

Royal 7’s Reel Symbols

Royal 7’s features 3 spinning reels and a single payline. Microgaming have forgone all the additional bonus features, including Wild and Scatter symbols and focused instead on lining up winning combinations in quick succession.

The game has a total of six reel symbols including cherries, the bar symbol, the double bar, the triple bar, a silver seven and a gold seven.  In this classic online pokies game a single cherry symbol qualifies players for a payout. Similarly, any combination of the three bar symbols will pay out, as will any combination of the two seven symbols. The highest paying symbol in the game is the gold number 7. If players are lucky enough to line up all 3 gold number 7 symbols across the three reels, they will be rewarded with the game’s jackpot!

Giant Jackpot Payouts

Players who have bet all three coins and line up the 7 gold symbols in a row will receive a payout of 2500 coins. If only two coins are bet, the jackpot drops to 1000 coins, and if only one coin is wagered the jackpot sits at 500 coins.

Fun, rewarding and an excellent online casino game for new players or those who prefer a traditional take on old school pokies, Royal 7’s offers top notch gaming at its best. Vibrant graphics, sleek sound effects and the chance to claim a large jackpot make this game all the more appealing!

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