Samurai 7’s Online Pokies

If you are looking for a classic Vegas-style online pokies game, look no further! Samurai 7’s created by Microgaming offers classic reel pokies action at its best, only with the added convenience of being accessible online.

The theme of this classic online pokies game is based on the Ancient Japanese Warrior known as the Samurai. The Samurai were fearless warriors that protected their country from enemies at all costs.

The game features 3 reels and 3 paylines, making for uncomplicated, enjoyable online casino entertainment.

Easy Online Casino Game Play

Samurai 7’s features just five standard reel symbols and one Wild symbol. In keeping with the classic theme of the game, the five standard symbols include the bar symbol, the double bar, the triple bar, a dragon and a shuriken. Players can line up any combination of these symbols in order to create a winning result.

Choose your Game Mode

There are two game modes in Samurai 7’s; Normal Mode and Expert Mode. In Expert Mode, players can adjust certain setting to make the game faster and more interesting, allowing for a customised online pokies experience.

When players select Expert Mode in the Samurai 7’s pokies game, they can pre-select how many spins the game should play before stopping. Players can also select the time delay as well as certain stop settings. Having these settings in place gives players more control of the game and is perfect for seasoned pokies fans. Expert Mode can be switched on or off by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.

Win with the Wild 7 Symbol

The Wild symbol in Samurai 7’s is the seven. In this online pokies game, the Wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other standard game symbols in order to create a winning combination.

The Wild symbol is also the highest paying symbol of the game. If players are lucky enough to line up three Wild symbols across the reels and they have all three paylines activated, they will trigger the jackpot payout of a whopping 6000 coins. If players do not have all the paylines activated the winning prize reduces accordingly.

Test out your Samurai skills and see if you can win big in a classic online pokies game. Play Samurai 7’s at a top rated Microgaming online casino and stand a chance of emerging victorious!

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