HTML5 Pokies: Tally Ho vs Lucky Koi

For many people, a mobile device is a status symbol – it’s all about the brand, the size and everything in between. Luckily, if you want to play HTML5 pokies, you don’t need to worry, as these are web-based. There is therefore no need to download a game or visit an app store – you simply register an account at an online casino and you can start playing. But which are the best HTML5 pokies to play in NZ? Is one better than the other? We take a look at two favourites and see how they compare. Tally Ho is a slightly older pokies game, while Lucky Koi is more modern, with different themes. We see how they stack up with regards to in-game features and overall gameplay.

Tally Ho HTML5 Pokies

Tally Ho is a 5-reel, 9-payline pokies game that was first released by Microgaming in 2004, and was later brought onto the mobile platform as an HTML5 pokies game. While the graphics aren’t as great as the modern-day pokies games, the reels do spin faster than normal games and the payouts are great. Tally Ho follows the classic theme of fox-hunting, but in this case the foxes are the hunters, living in luxury. Game symbols include the foxes, the mansion, a crest, a pot of tea, strawberries & cream, cucumber sandwiches, cheese & biscuits, and a delicious-looking cherry pie. An in-game bonus features 10 Free Spins where wins are quadrupled, while the Wild Horse symbol will double your wins when it substitutes for other symbols. Old or not, Tally Ho is a great, fast-paced game to enjoy on any mobile device.

Lucky Koi HTML5 Pokies

Released 9 years later than Tally Ho, and in time for the mobile revolution, Lucky Koi went straight to PC and mobile play in 2013. This Oriental-themed pokies game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, and is simply stunning when it comes to graphics. And when you trigger 3 or more of the Scatter symbols, you’ll receive a choice of either Free Spins or the Koi Bonus feature. Should you choose the Free Spins, you’ll get between 10 and 30 spins with an up to 5x Multiplier. The Koi Bonus, on the other hand, will let you pick between 3 and 6 Koi to award you with random cash prizes. The choice is yours. While Tally Ho is a fast-paced game, Lucky Koi is a bit slower, and the game itself can get a bit monotonous after a while, but the payouts are well worth spinning for.

Comparison Rating

Let’s see how Tally Ho and Lucky Koi compare with regards to features, graphics and an overall gaming experience.


Tally Ho

Lucky Koi

















It’s clear from the comparison rating that it doesn’t matter whether you play Tally Ho or Lucky Koi, as they are both equally good when it comes to overall gameplay experience. It all depends on what you’re looking for in an HTML5 pokies game. Is it the graphics, the theme, the bonuses, or something else? We do know one thing though, if you’re looking for some of the best HMTL5 pokies in NZ, then Tally Ho and Lucky Koi are definitely two games you need to try. Play them today on your mobile device – simply look for any online casino that features software from Microgaming, register an account, get your welcome bonus and start spinning.

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