iPhone Native Pokies in New Zealand

With so many online casinos enabling iPhone Native pokies play in New Zealand, Apple-loving gamers are always on the lookout for new or popular games to try out on their devices – and we have the perfect ones in mind. We put Thunderstruck and Starlight Kiss side by side, to see if we can figure out which one wins the best iPhone pokies challenge. Tag along, you might just find your next favourite.

Thunderstruck iPhone Pokies Overview

An enduring classic, Microgaming’s Thunderstruck has resulted in thousands of devoted followers since its release in 2004. With a max win amount of 10 000 coins, 9 paylines and 5 reels, there’s no need to focus on the fact that bonus features and graphics are somewhat lacking – especially when considering that Wild combos will double any wins, multiple Scatters will trigger Free Spins, and Free Spins wins will be tripled before being added to your balance.

Add in the extra Gamble feature, and you’ll find that you have a pokies with not only great gameplay and bonuses, but one with great value too.

As you might have guessed from the game’s name, Thor is just one of the featured Norse gods in this iPhone pokies, and his presence could spell some impressive wins if you give him and his fellow gods some time. This pokies game is likely to appeal to any fan of mythology, and, thanks to a comfy 0.01 coin min bet, any wallet too.

The only real pity is that Thunderstruck’s lack of quality  graphics tends to put pokies players off, despite the game having so much going for it – but as we know of Microgaming’s popular sequel, Thunderstruck II, we can at least comfort ourselves with the fact that they managed to get it right the second time round.

Starlight Kiss iPhone Pokies Overview

Another Microgaming fan-favourite, Starlight Kiss rates very well in all areas, including graphics, gameplay, bonuses and value. With an astonishingly good 90 000 coin max payout, 30 paylines and 5 reels, it’s easy to see why so many New Zealand players have become love-struck within seconds of playing.

Bonus features here include frequently-occurring Wilds, Scatters that trigger Free Spins with a 2x Multiplier and a symbol-triggered Click Me Romance Bonus round (this one is really fun, with such a cute night-time garden scene, complete with a fountain, swans and owls), where you could get anywhere between a 2x and 10x Multiplier on winning spins.

The graphics are also a real delight, and their soap-opera-inspired edge is a welcome twist to the mostly cartoon-style themes and graphics most iPhone pokies games tend to employ.

There really isn’t too much we can fault Starlight Kiss on, to be honest. The only thing we noticed is that bonus features weren’t triggered as often as we wanted them to be, which can put a bit of a downer on things. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a great gaming experience at all, but just something we would like to see more of.

Let’s take a quick peek at how each of the games stack up alongside each other for those of you who are keen to start playing.

Comparison Ratings



Starlight Kiss

















As you can see, both Thunderstruck and Starlight Kiss rate highly, with their overall scores being practically the same. In our minds, this means that no matter which of these iPhone Native pokies you choose to play in New Zealand, you’ll be making the right decision – it all depends on whether you’re in the mood for epic lightning-powered action or ready for a little romance and passion.

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