Who Wants to be a Stallionaire! Online Pokies

Go for the gold standard with Microgaming’s equine-themed classic fruit pokies-style game, Who Wants to be a Stallionaire!

Featuring gold and riches beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, this online pokies incorporates classic game play over 3 reels and a single payline, adding unique and innovative bonus features for a modern kick.

Nudges and holds and an enthralling Stallionaire bonus game will ensure that players are kept mesmerised while they win big with this imaginative Microgaming online pokies game.

Sumptuous Symbols for Big Wins

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire! online casino game is decorated with opulent riches, luxurious status symbols and plenty of gold fit for any budding Stallionaire.

Carrots, bars, sevens, horse racing finish posts, helmets and whips, smoking cigars and golden Rolls Royce limousines all grace the reels, giving players a taste of what wealth could come from playing this exciting online pokies game.

Trigger the Stallionaire Bonus Game

Players may also notice that some of the standard reel symbols are accessorised with bronze, silver or gold horseshoes.

To the left of the reels is a grid on which corresponding horseshoes will begin to light up as players land winning combinations with these special symbols. Simply filling 3 spaces on the grid in any direction will trigger the Stallionaire bonus game and the chance for even greater prizes!

Magnificent Multipliers and Cash Prizes

The Stallionaire bonus game plays out in the form of a unique board game-style feature. In this game players must spin a counter to advance across the spaces and claim sensational prizes as they go, including an enticing top prize of 500 coins.

A wedge meter filled with 3 large golden coins will be filled at the start of the game, and players will either lose or gain wedges depending on which part of the board they land on. Emptying the wedge meter will transport players back to the base game with their riches. 

A Nudge in the Right Direction

No Microgaming classic-style pokies would be complete without nudges and holds, and Who Wants to be a Stallionaire allows players access to both features for bigger wins with every spin.

Use nudges to shift the reels in your favour or hold them in place to match winning symbol combinations, and repeat, gamble or bank these features until the opportune winning moment arises!

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