The Best Markets for AFL Sport Betting NZ

For most sports betting NZ enthusiasts, wagering on the AFL usually means making predictions on the Australian Premiership. However, the rapid growth of AFL NZ has meant that punters have extended options on local teams and games played at home in New Zealand. While not as prolific as traditional league, the New Zealand-based tournament is growing each year and provides plenty of exciting wagering opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the best markets for the AFL NZ:

Main Markets

As with regular AFL wagering, each NZ league game offers many different markets. These can be split into various categories, including main, handicaps, margin, scoring, points, and goals, along with several others. If we take a look at the main options, one of the best sports betting markets for anyone just starting out is the first scoring play. This is simply a wager on which team will have the first scoring opportunity in the match.

Another popular option is the halftime/full time result. With this, you must accurately predict which team will be ahead after half time and full time. It is not necessary to know the exact score, just the team who is ahead in points at the time.

As slightly more difficult one to predict is the winning margin bet. In this case, you are putting money down on the winning margin at the end of full time. Again, you don’t need to know the exact score. The options available are usually given as a draw, or either team winning by over 40 points, or under 40 points.


Handicap wagers are popular with sports betting NZ fans, especially when the teams are unevenly matched. Since there are only a handful of teams in the local league, it comes into play more often than not. In this case, bookmakers will post multiple handicap point options ranging from 6.5 points through to 67.5 with varying odds.


A popular sports betting market for this league is the margin. There are actually a number of different options to choose from here, including the first half winning, winning margin for each quarter and full time winning margin. With quarter margin, punters can choose 1 of the 4 quarters and predict the winning margin within a set number of points. This is usually set split into 1-8 points, 9-16 points, 17-24 or 25-33. Putting money on the first half winning margin is the same concept except within the first half only. There is also the total winning margin, which is the final margin after full time. Here the points margin is split into groups of 10s and range from 9 or under all the way to over 100 points.


Predicting the number of goals in an AFL NZ game can be tricky. However, if you get it right, the payouts from sports betting NZ site are worth it. The most popular options here include the total number of goals for each quarter, over under bets on both teams, and over under bets on individual teams. Depending on the team, the over under margins are set at around 24.5 for both teams.


The best AFL NZ betting market in New Zealand is more often than not the total match points. Depending on the teams and the bookmaker, the total number of points is split into groups of 10 and range from 0 all the way through 211 and over. Points also include bets on whether the point total will be an odd number or even number or which will be the highest scoring half.

Now you have a better grasp on what you options are, get wagering at one of the top rated sports betting NZ sites that we suggest!