Top Motorsport Betting Markets Online

If you are a self-proclaimed petrol head or if you just love the thrill of wagering on motorsports, you will find a great range of motorsport betting markets to choose from in New Zealand. Whether you are putting money on an upcoming Formula One Grand Prix, the Red Bull Air Race, the Dakar Rally, Formula E or the Daytona 500, there are plenty of bets available for all skill levels and wagering styles.

If you are just starting out with sports betting in New Zealand, keep reading. We are going to give you a rundown of the most popular markets, what they are about and when to use them.

Championship Winner

With motorsports like Formula One, Formula E, MotoGP and NASCAR Racing, you have option of betting on an individual race or on the championship outright. All top-rated sports betting sites will offer championship bets as soon as the season starts. The longer in advance you place a championship bet, the better the better the odds.

The championship winner is the most popular market and simply involves predicting which driver will win the championship at the end of the season. The odds are usually based on previous season results and updated changes to the cars.

Winning Constructor or Manufacturer

Sticking to the Championship motorsport betting markets, it is also possible to predict the outright winning manufacturer or constructor for the season. With Formula One this will include options like Ferrari or Mercedes, and with MotoGP this would include options like Honda, Yamaha or Ducati.

Race Winner

With sports betting in New Zealand, the most popular motorsport market is the race winner. This can apply to just about every motorsport where there is a set race, whether it be point to point, or on a track. The race winner is the driver that completes the race first and takes the chequered flag. This is not necessarily the same driver to set the fastest lap during the race or the driver in pole position.

Pole Position

With most track races, a pre-race is held to determine the starting grid. This usually happens the day before the main race where drivers take turns to try and set the fastest time around the track. The driver with the fastest time in the trials earns pole position and the grid advantage for the main race. Pole position is a popular sports betting market where you simply predict which driver will be in pole position for the main race.

Fastest Lap

While there are a number of pro-style motorsport sports betting markets, Fastest Lap is certainly the most popular. This is not to be confused with the above market, which relates to the fastest time in trials. This refers to the actual main race. In this case, you are predicting which driver will set the fastest lap during the race. In many cases, this is not the same driver who ends up winning.

Leg Winner

Some motorsports like long distance Rally Racing have multiple legs for a single race. The Dakar Rally is the most popular example where teams and drivers are timed for each leg and race against the clock, rather than each other. In such cases, it is possible to place a wager on each section or leg of the race. Each leg has a completely different type of surface with different challenges, making it ideal for fans of sports betting in New Zealand who love a challenge.

Some drivers and vehicles are faster and more adaptable on loose sand while others are better on hard surfaces and tar. Predicting the leg winner is a great way to extend your options and gain better sports betting odds if you understand how the drivers and cars will perform.